We will establish a Democratic Federal Union

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The ethnic races of Myanmar have been living together in the country for thousands of years. Our honest and innocent ethnic brethren have passed through thick and thin together and have a history of coming together to repel foreign oppressors.
Since the struggle for independence, we have been striving for equal rights. However, due to great distances separating the people from the highlands and the flatlands, unrest in the border and mountainous areas, and because of misunderstandings and mistrust carried over from past generations, equal rights sought by ethnic nationals have not been fully realized.
This is why the Union government is striving for uniform development across all the states and regions, with no discrimination between the highlands and the flatlands. It is prioritizing the inherent rights of our ethnic brethren, and is especially working to end decades of bitter resentment between them due to unrest. The way to overcome these difficulties and achieve positive results is establishing a Democratic Federal Union.
In his speech on Kayah State Day on 16 January, President U Win Myint said: “We have made a firm resolution to make our country a democratic federal Union. In a democratic nation, every citizen is entitled to equality, fairness, and impartiality. Since our Union is composed of ethnic national brothers and sisters, we cannot call ourselves a Union if it is not inclusive of them. This is why I boldly say we will establish our country as a democratic federal Union.”
All ethnic nationals in Myanmar desire a democratic federal Union. It is the most suitable system for our country, and for citizens to live in harmony. The system will ensure equality, fairness, and impartiality for everyone. We must build mutual trust and peace among the people to achieve this goal.
Even now, the government, the Tatmadaw, ethnic nationals, and concerned organizations are discussing the fundamental principles for the democratic transition at the Union Peace Conference – 21st Century Panglong. All ethnic nationals must participate in the peace talks to make them successful. We need to be wary of actions and words that may destroy the bridges and check the achievements we have made so far in our goal towards establishing a Democratic Federal Union.
We urge everyone to cooperate with us in our shared goal, while upholding the values of non-disintegration of the Union, non-disintegration of national solidarity, and perpetuation of sovereignty, based on freedom, equality, and justice.

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