We will make constitutional amendments in line with the law

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  • People wish for change so that their living standards improve. The people of Myanmar collectively voted for a civilian government that would fulfil this wish. Since assuming the mantle, the civilian government has been initiating reforms and changes in keeping with the people’s wishes.
    The government has been working vigorously to implement the peace process successfully and establish a democratic federal Union, the two sorely needed initial requirements for the country. But the main requirement for implementing them both is trust. There must be no feelings of suspicion between ethnic brothers and sisters. Instead, there must be enough trust for us to discuss and negotiate on ways to realize our aspirations.
    For establishing a democratic federal Union, for peace, prosperity, and development, and for all the states and regions to share the fruits of democracy, without discrimination, we must make necessary changes and reforms in every sector. And while carrying this out, we need to work together to ensure our Constitution is in line with democratic norms and federal principles.
    We are currently governed by the 2008 Constitution, which was drawn up and enacted under the Tatmadaw government to implement a democratic system in Myanmar. The Constitution was amended for the first time during the First Hluttaw’s term and now, during the Second Hluttaw’s term, MPs are working to amend it again, so that, it is in accordance with democratic norms and federal principles suitable for our country.
    Lawmakers are not breaking the laws and procedures set under the Constitution by directly appealing to make amendments to it. They are working in line with existing laws and following procedure to draft a bill to amend the Constitution, which still needs to pass through the legislature for any actual changes to our charter.
    The Constitution is the very life and soul of our nation and as such, it needs to be revised when necessary to be relevant to the needs of modern society. The completion of our democratic transition must necessarily involve the realization of a truly democratic Constitution.
    At the same time, a democratic federal Union can be established only if we ensure freedom, equality, and mutual respect among the ethnic people.
    The will of the people is carried out by the Hluttaw representatives voted to represent them in the legislative pillar and thus, it requires everyone’s continued support to get the desired results.
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