We will succeed if we are committed and work hard!

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  • Khin Maung Oo
  • It is a common saying in our everyday expressions. We want to say that success has not come to us yet, as we have not really worked hard for what we aspire. Human beings are creatures who can create the avant-garde and accomplish their aspirations. They have the ability to do even something impossible, to perfection. There is a way if there is a will, on one condition that we need to implement it.
    We have been asked to work hard for our country to reach the state of a developed nation. Now, we are seeing our leaders performing development tasks. If we devote ourselves to our aspirations, our hopes will soon be fulfilled. Yet, many say that our will power is brief, like a burning straw fire. It means that we are extremely eager at the very beginning but our eagerness tends to fizzle out finally.
    We have seen that the current government has been exerting concerted efforts in working for the socio-economic development of the people, with the slogan, “Time to change.” In less than a one year period, the government has been tackling the most urgent problems with “cetana”, determination and energy.
    In actually changing a society, it will not succeed just by depending wholly upon a respective organization alone. It will be successful only if there is people’s participation.
    Now, our changes are no longer like straw fire. Our leaders are all working hard for change and we are seeing people following the path of change willingly. But, some have failed to notice the changes, or follow the path and join in people’s participation, until now.
    Therefore, we must try our best for all the people to actively take part in all activities. Those who fail to perform their duties for the change process are to be educated. In accord with rules and disciplines, necessary actions must be taken. In doing so, organizations should perform in accord with rules and regulations, and simultaneously welcome the cooperation of volunteers and civil society organizations, so that the necessary tasks can be accomplished, without being likened to straw fire. With the increasing participation of people, we can see the actual triumph of a region, then of a town, and then of an urban area and the whole country’s development. Then no one can say any longer that we cannot keep abreast with other developed countries.
    Actual aspiration, eagerness, ebullience and willingness to participate are of great importance. Success can be achieved only if we implement any task according to the prescribed disciplines, so we must try hard to learn to follow changes exactly without reluctance. Provided that we conduct our duties like this, our aims for our country to reach the state of other developed countries will come true. We will succeed if we are committed and work hard.
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