Local entrepreneur invents weather-compatible carbon cement panels for home walls, ceilings

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Weather-adjustable roof and wall panels invented by a Myanmar entrepreneur.

Weather-compatible carbon cement prefabricated sheets that can be used as walls, floors, and roofs in homes were invented by a local entrepreneur, U Ko Oo.
The concrete can be used in summer, rainy, and cold seasons, and it regulates a balanced indoor temperature without the need for air conditioners or heaters. A model house with these panels is under construction, said inventor U Ko Oo.
“Existing buildings are hotter in summer and cooler in the cold season. The building with the panels I made will be as cool as a mud house without air conditioning in summer. It will be hot outside but cool inside. When it is cold outside, it is warm inside. I make concrete slabs for walls and roofs. A model house is being constructed for observation. My invention aims to produce slabs to build a prefabricated house. It is not a normal cement, but a ready-made sheet for construction,” he said.
He came up with the idea during last summer’s extreme heat and will continue to produce various thicknesses and designs suitable for both houses and warehouses, he added.
“I got the idea to invent this when it was very hot in summer. Extreme heat made us unable to sit, walk, work or think. Then, I decided to invent such a material. There was not much thinking like that. People readily think about air conditioners, fans and heaters to regulate the temperature. This method doesn’t need power. It can absorb moisture in the rainy season, reduce heat in summer, and provide warmth in the cold season. Thinking of a weather-compatible building for people, I got this idea. I make various sheets in different sizes, designs and thickness grades for houses and warehouses,” he said. — MT/ZN/ED

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