Weekly kitchen grocery market update

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A kitchen grocery outlet.

During the week ending 13 September, the prices of palm oil and onion prices slipped at the Bayintnaung Wholesale Market. Chinese onions entered the wholesale market at K2,750 per viss (a viss equals 1.6 kilogrammes). Meanwhile, the prices of broken rice, Chinese potatoes, sugar, jaggery and chilli climbed up.

On 13 September, the wholesale prices of garlic moved in the range of K2,700-4,200 per viss from Shan State (Aungban area) while Kyukok garlic fetched K4,200 per viss.

The wholesale prices of Chinese potatoes on 13 September were estimated at K2,400 per viss, while Shan potatoes were priced at K900-2,200 per viss depending on qualities and sizes. Potatoes imported by Bangladesh are of low quality with yellow flesh and sprouts so the demand is pretty low.

Chilli pepper
The prices of chilli pepper bounced back to K19,000 per viss in recent days. Since 5 September, the prices have remained elevated. On 13 September, the prices of chilli pepper went up to K18,000 and K19,000 per viss depending on different varieties (Moehtaung, long red chilli (Panye) and green chilli), whereas the bell pepper is sold at K17,000 per viss.

Palm oil
The wholesale reference price of palm oil in the Yangon Region this week declined by K490 per viss compared to the last week’s price. The reference price for a week from 12 to 18 September was set at K4,730 per viss.
Consequently, palm oil is sold at K7,800-8,000 per viss in the markets. The CIF price of palm oil is US$989 per metric tonne. If it is calculated on the foreign exchange rate of K2,703, the original price of palm oil is only K4,639 per viss.

The broken rice price is as high as that of low-grade rice on strong foreign demand. Broken rice fetched K38,000-39,000 per bag whereas low-grade rice grown under multiple cropping was priced at K42,000 per bag. The prices of low-grade short matured rice (90 days) touched a high of K49,000-50,000 per bag. The wholesale prices of Pawsan rice varieties were constant at K85,000-92,000 per bag from the Shwebo area, K70,000 from the Myaungmya area and K68,000 from the Pyapon area. Meanwhile, the price of the Pawkywe rice variety was stable at K53,000 per bag.
On 13 September, the prices of various pulses stood at over K2,016,000 per tonne of black gram (Fair Average Quality/RC), K2,326,000 per tonne of black gram (Special Quality/RC), K2,085,000 per tonne of pigeon pea (red gram) RC and K4,400-4,600 per viss of chickpea in Yangon markets. — TWA/GNLM

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