Weekly market update of dry groceries


During the week from 21 to 27 December, the prices of onion, palm oil, chilli pepper, tamarind, black gram and pigeon pea declined. Processed tamarind is priced only at K1,900 per viss.Onion
The Bayintnaung wholesale market saw the entry of 150,000 visses of new onions, leading to a price decrease. The prices moved in the range of K1,750 and K2,700 per viss depending on the quality, size and producing areas.
On 26 December, the price of onions from the Myittha area hit the highest of K2,700 per viss in the Mandalay market. Trading came to a halt in some warehouses on 27 December.
The wholesale price of onions from the Myingyan area was only K2,000 per viss following a supply of 153,200 visses of onions, while those from the Pakokku area were also priced at K2,000 per viss after the entry of 15,120 visses of onions.
The wholesale price of the Kyukok garlic variety was K3,400 per viss on 27 December, while the local garlic from Shan State (Aungban) fetched K3,600-K5,000 per viss.
The Yangon market saw a supply of 66,000 visses of potatoes on 27 December. The prices of potatoes stood at K2,350 per viss of old Chinese potatoes and K1,750 per viss of new Chinese potatoes, while the prices of Shan potatoes moved in the range between K1,700 and K2,100 per viss.
Chilli pepper
The wholesale prices of chilli peppers were K14,500 per viss of Shan long chilli pepper and K12,000 for the Moehtaung variety. The prices of bell peppers were K14,000-14,500 per viss for the Sinphyukyun area.
Palm oil
The wholesale reference price of palm oil in the Yangon Region this week was down by K55 per viss compared to the last week’s price. The reference price for a week from 26 December to 1 January was set at K4,360 per viss.
Consequently, the wholesale prices of palm oil slid to K5,200 per viss on 27 December, according to the Nyaungpinlay market.
The prices of sticky rice were K80,000-K85,000 per bag.
Meanwhile, the prices of high-grade old Pawsan stood at K90,000-K98,000 per bag from the Shwebo area, K69,000-K71,000 from Pathein/Myaungmya area and K67,000-K68,000 from the Pyapon area, while the new Pawsan varieties were KK2,000-K72,000 per bag depending on the production regions. The prices of other varieties were K51,000 for short-mature rice (90 days), K47,000 for rice grown under intercropping system and K41,000-K42,000 for monsoon low-grade rice.
The prices of various pulses stood at over K1,707,500 per tonne of black gram (Fair Average Quality/RC), K1,897,500 per tonne of black gram (Special Quality/RC), K1,734,000 per tonne of pigeon pea (red gram) RC, K4,050-K4,250 per viss of chickpea and K2,830-K3,000 per viss of green gram (Kayan Shwe Wah variety) in Yangon markets. —TWA/EMM

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