Weekly market update of dry groceries at Bayintnaung Wholesale Centre

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The photo shows a dry groceries outlet.

Between 5 and 10 April 2023, the prices of rice and garlic went up at the Bayintnaung Wholesale Centre.
Before the Thingyan Festival, the demand from regions outside Yangon drastically fell. The supply of onions also drops.
Approximately 270,000 visses of onions from regions outside Yangon were supplied to the Bayintnaung commodity depot on 8 April. Around 70,000 visses of onions entered Yangon. The price remains unchanged.
The prices of onions move between K1,050 and K1,900 per viss depending on the producing areas and the size of the onions.
With 19,500 visses of onions entering the Seikphyu market on 10 April, the highest price was K1,075 per viss in the Seikphyu market, whereas 53,960 visses of onions flowed into the Myingyan market and they fetched K1,150 per viss in maximum on 10 April.
The garlic prices stood at K2,800-3,700 per viss in the Yangon market on 10 April, while Kyukok garlic was priced at K4,450 per viss.
The wholesale prices of potatoes were K1,300 and 1,800 per viss in the Yangon market on 10 April.
Chilli pepper
The long chilli pepper prices were K10,000-11,700 per viss depending on the varieties and the prices of bell peppers were K12,000-13,500 per viss.
The rice supply to the Yangon market this week declined. Both large rice depots were temporarily suspended from 8 April during the Thingyan holidays. Only high-grade rice is highly demanded in the retail market. The prices spiked. The Pawsan prices were K84,000 per bag from the Pyapon area, K86,000 for the Myaungmya area and K120,000 per bag from the Shwebo area.
Palm oil
The wholesale reference price of palm oil for Yangon is set at K4,790 per viss for 10 and 23 April. The reference price was up by K245 per viss compared to that of last week. At present, palm oil cannot be withdrawn from oil tanks. On 10 April, the wholesale market price was K6,550 per viss-K6,800 per viss.
All depots of pulses are closed. — TWA/EM

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