Weekly update of Bayintnaung commodity prices


According to sources at the Bayintnaung Market, Kyukok garlic and fresh peppers are leading the Yangon market with high prices between 29 June and 5 July.
The prices of black gram and pigeon pea are also fluctuating and the price of palm oil dropped by K200 per viss on 5 July, despite a sharp rise in prices on 4 July.
Onion, which is popular with daily buyers and sellers in the Yangon market, is less volatile in onion growing areas and the Yangon market. On 5 July, the highest price of onion in Seikphyu was K1,375, Yawsa type was K1,450, and Pale type was K1,525 respectively. One day, 150,000 visses of onion from various parts of the country entered Yangon. The opening price of the market was K1,150-1,450-1,550-1,650 per viss respectively for wholesale onion from the Seikphyu area, and K1,250-1,500-1,600-1,700 per viss for wholesale onion from Monywa.
Shan garlic prices fell slightly, while Kyukok garlic prices rose due to some problems at the border. On 5 July, the wholesale price of Shan garlic was K2,000-2,550-3,200-3,500 per viss and K2,850 per viss for Kyukok garlic.
On 5 July, the wholesale price of one viss of Shan potatoes was K1,550 and1,650 and Chinese potatoes cost K1,700, and 60,000 pounds of potatoes arrived that day. The least volatile commodity in the market is sugar, jaggery, and tamarind. In terms of rice prices, the prices of raw and broken rice decreased slightly. — TWA/GNLM

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