Weekly update of dry groceries in Bayintnaung Market


From 18 to 24 January 2023, only minor price changes of onion and potato occurred in the Bayintnaung Market, Yangon and the prices of chilli pepper, Kyukok garlic and chickpea declined. Garlic from Shan State and palm oil prices increased.
The wholesale price per viss of Shan garlic went up from K4,600-K5,900 to K5,100-K6,300 on 24 January. However, Kyukok garlic was valued at the wholesale price of only K3,600 per viss.
There is only a slight change in potatoes in the Yangon market on 24 January. The wholesale price for potatoes from Aungban was set at K1,750-K2,100 per viss. Chinese potato prices ranged from K1,800 to K2,200 per viss depending on quality.
Chilli pepper
The decline in the price of chilli pepper commanded the wholesale price of new Myarni long chilli peppers from the Hinthada area at K11,500-12,000 per viss and that of new Panye long chilli peppers at K11,000 per viss, Moehtaung chilli peppers from Maubin at K11,000 per viss, Moehtaung chilli peppers from various regions at K11,500-K12,000 per viss, new Shan long chilli peppers at K11,000-K13,000 per viss and new Sinphyukyun bell peppers at K16,000-K16,500 per viss respectively.
Palm Oil
From 23 to 29 January, the reference wholesale price of palm oil in the Yangon slot was K4,440 per viss, which is the same price as the previous week.
It is reported that the palm oil price per viss stood above K6,000 in the Yangon oil market due to the difficulties at some oil tanks in the last week of January.
The palm oil was valued at K6,400 per viss in the Nyaungpinlay market in Yangon and K6,450 per viss in Mandalay on 24 January. On 20 January, around nine thousand tonnes of palm oil entered the country. There is no change in the reference price that is published depending on the change in the exchange rate. Thus, the palm oil price in the external market was still high.
In the Yangon rice market, where the price has gone up sharply, a large bag of broken rice fetched K40,500-K41,500 and a small bag of broken rice cost K40,000-K41,000. The price per bag of new low-grade Sinthukha rice was K46,000, and that of 90-day rice was valued at K48,000-K49,000 for the new type and K55,000-K60,000 for the old type.
The wholesale price of new Pawsan rice charged K78,000-K84,000 per bag for the Shwebo variety, K65,000-K67,000 per bag for the Pathein-Myaungmya variety and K63,000-K65,000 per bag for Pyapon variety.
The wholesale price of old Pawsan rice was set at K95,000-K107,000 per bag for the Shwebo variety, K67,000-K70,000 per bag for Pathein- Myaungmya variety and K60,000-K67,000 per bag for Pyapon variety.
The market prices on 24 January were K1,686,500 per tonne for black gram FAQ/RC, K1,916,500 per tonne for SQ/RC, K1,827,500 per tonne for pigeon peas (red gram), K2,800-K2,920 per viss for mung bean (Kayan Shwewah) and K4,000-K4,350 per viss for chickpea, respectively. — TWA/CT

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