Weekly update prices of Bayintnaung Commodity Market

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The picture shows a dry kitchen grocery.

On 22 August, the Yangon market received various regional onions weighing 96,000 visses. The wholesale price per viss of Seikphyu and Monywa onions was K3,500 for the special size. The price has become the highest for stored onions in 2023. It dropped to K3,300 per viss on 24 August and rose again to K3,500 per viss on 28 and K3,700 per viss on 29 August.
The highest price per viss of onion was K3,170 at the Pakokku depot on 29 August, K3,250 at the Seikphyu depot on 29 August, and K2,900–K3,400 at the Myingyan market on 28 August.
On 29 August, Shan garlic was priced at K7,800 per viss for S2, K8,400 for S3, K8,900 for S4, and K9,100 for S5 in the Yangon market. Kyukok garlic is fetching K7,800 per viss.
The Yangon potato market only published the price of Chinese potatoes on 29 August. The wholesale price of Chinese potatoes was K2,150 per viss.
Chilli pepper
On 29 August, in the Yangon chilli pepper market, the prices per viss were K12,000-K12,500 for Eainme stored in pots, K14,200 for Panye long chilli peppers processed in the cold storage, K11,500 for Yayle Moehtaung chilli pepper, and Pyawbwe Moehtaung chilli pepper processed in the cold storage. Sinphyukyun and delta region chilli peppers processed in the cold storage were valued at K19,500–K20,000 per viss.
Palm oil
The wholesale reference price of palm oil is K4,155 per litre from 28 August to 3 September. The remaining 3,396,184 visses of imported palm oil from 16 companies will be sold to the Bayintnaung Nyaungpinlay market, retail and wholesale outlets in Yangon, regions, and states from 28 to 30 August.
Beans and Pulses
On 29 August, the price of black gram was K2,465,000 per tonne for RC and K2,630,000 per tonne for SQ/RC. Meanwhile, a tonne of pigeon peas was valued at K3,500,000.
Additionally, the price of green gram (Kayan Shwewah variety) and Pakokku variety fetched K3,500 and K3,000–K3,085 per viss, respectively, while that of chickpeas was K5,800–K6,050 per viss. — TWA/CT

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