Weekly Update Prices of Bayintnaung Commodity Market

From 15 to 22 February 2023, the price of onion, sugar, palm oil and chilli pepper soared and the rice price decreased.
Onions from various regions weighing 150,000 visses arrived at the Bayintnaung Market on 22 February and prices rose again.
On that day, the wholesale prices of onion from the Seikphyu, Myingyan and Myittha areas were K1,350, K1,400 and K1,650 per viss respectively.
Meanwhile, the Pakokku market received 15,768 visses of onion, and the highest price per viss was K1,100 for the Yaw onion variety and K1,050 for the Salay onion variety.
Myittha onion fetched the highest price of K1,450 per viss in the Mandalay market. On 21 February, 10,000 visses of onion entered the Myingyan market, and the price ranged between K500 and K1,200 per viss.
At the Yangon market on 2 February, the wholesale prices of onion from Aungban (Shan State) were set at K4,550 per viss for the Special 3 variety, K4,750 per viss for the Special 4 variety, K4,950 per viss for the Special 5 variety and K3,550 per viss for Kyukok onion.
The wholesale price of potatoes from Sinphyukyun stood at K1,200-K1,700 per viss in the Yangon market on 22 February. Potatoes from Bhamo and Chinese potatoes were traded at K1,950 and K2,100 per viss respectively.
Chilli pepper
The price of new Panye and Myarni long chilli peppers rose again from K9,000/K9,500 per viss to K10,000 per viss on 22 February.
Likewise, Moehtaung chilli peppers from Yayle (Maubin) area were sold at K10,500 per viss, while Pyawbwe Moehtaung chilli peppers were valued at K11,000 per viss and Sinphyukyun bell peppers at K14,500-K15,500 per viss.
A bag of low-grade rice decreased by K2,000 and the rise in the price of new Pawsan rice varieties has stopped. The price of new low-grade rice cultivated in a double-cropping system, which has skyrocketed to K57,000 per bag, declined back to K55,000 per bag on 22 February. The price of a bag of new 90-day low-grade rice has dropped from K60,000 to K58,000.
The highest price of a bag of new Pawsan rice was K71,000 for the Bokalay rice variety, K73,000 for the Pyapon rice variety, K76,000 for the Myaungmya rice variety and K87,000 for the Shwebo rice variety.
Palm oil
Between 20 and 26 February, the wholesale reference price of palm oil in Yangon was K4,470 per viss, dropping by K20 per viss compared to the previous week.
However, the retail price of palm oil soared again to K7,100 per viss in the Yangon oil market on 22 February. In some regions, oil dealers who have palm oil re-sold it with the retail price of K7,000 per viss on 22 February, saving freight charges and labour costs rather than buying and selling through Yangon. — TWA/CT

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