We’re All In This Together

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Yesterday’s death of a COVID-19 patient infected by a family member has rung alarm bells, warning that those who are in home quarantine have an enormous responsibility to protect their family members.
The death of the 45-year old man has brought into focus the need for all who are in home quarantine and facility quarantine to protect their loved ones, their neighbours and fellow citizens.
Or, there needs to be an understanding that a lack of discipline in following the regulations, and any citizen acting irresponsibly, can bring danger to their families and their communities.
The health authorities and volunteers must repeatedly remind those people who are quarantined and finish quarantine that they should pride themselves on their independent spirit, which comes from responsibility to themselves and their neighbours.
It will be challenging for local authorities to enforce health guidelines on those who will complete their facility quarantine next week. At the same time, next week is when those who returned from a neighbouring country will begin to show symptoms.
We should not be anxious nor fearful. Our awareness and readiness are the key in protecting us from possible infection from the COVID-19 disease.
Health authorities, administrative authorities and philanthropic organizations are to step up their coordinated efforts by communicating with each other, in an effort to prevent the global pandemic.
On the other side, local authorities are obliged to inform the public with updated information on the COVID-19 outbreak in our country, to ease the public’s fear and anxiety.
Also, the time has come to increase our efforts in raising awareness about the COVID-19 disease, to ensure that local communities understand that they can protect themselves from the infection by following health guidelines and social distancing.
Staying at home when possible, practicing proper hygiene, including hand washing, and following social distancing regulations protects yourself, but also protects your loved ones, your neighbors and your fellow citizens.
“We’re All In This Together” because we are all in this together and only together, since only by looking out for one another, can we come out of this COVID-19 outbreak onto the other side.
If we each take responsibility for our actions and do what is asked then, with certainty, we can all come out of this together.

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