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Biluchaung Hydropower Station returns to full energy output

Biluchaung Hydro Power Station. Photo: Than Oo (Laymyathnar)

THE  54-year-old Biluchaung Hydropower Station in Kayah State is back in operation, restoring its original strength of generating 168 megawatts following completion of its all-round rehabilitation project.
The hydropower station celebrated the partial completion of the first stage in which three machines were rehabilitated last year in February under the all-round rehabilitation project with the use of 6.6 billion yen of Japan’s grant aid.
The first stage of rehabilitation project included maintenance and replacement of turbines, generators, penstocks and 52 related parts.
Following completion of the second stage for rehabilitation of remaining three machines began at the start of the previous rainy season, all six machines with installed capacity of 28 megawatts each have now been rehabilitated.
Myanmar has a total of 5,235 megawatts of electricity from hydropower plants, natural gas-fired power plants, diesel-fired power plants and coal-fired power plants in 2015-2016, up 1822megawatts from 3413megawatts in 2010-2011 over the past five years, seeing 34 per cent electric power coverage across the country.
According to sources, all townships in Kayah State have electricity. The last Maese Township was electrified as of 2015-2016 FY.
During this fiscal year, electricity has reached 41 of 114 villages while works are underway to electrify the remaining 73 villages in Kayah State where 142 of 511 villages enjoy electricity.
According to the Ministry of Electric Power, the number of villages with access to electricity will total 256 at the end of this fiscal year in the state which is expected to see 90 per cent electric power coverage in the years to come.—Myanmar News Agency

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