What counts is the heads of departments

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The governments have one thing in common with their public service personnel be they military or civilian—i.e. working for the country and the countrymen. However, what makes governments different from the public service personnel is the fact that the governments can stay in power only for one term whereas the public service personnel can remain in the workforce until they retire from service. This being so, it is the public service personnel who are running the administrative machinery for about four decades or so of they start to join the service in late teens or early twenties and continue to work until retirement with superannuation. Despite changes in cabinet members, the government servants remain unchanged.
Such being the case, it is the public service personnel who know better the laws, rules, regulations, procedures and directives than the cabinet members, who are more concerned with policy making. Thus, they do not need to know the technical details like service personnel who are well-versed in the dos and the don’ts, the procedures and processes, the rules and regulations. In this regard, the most responsible officials are the managing directors of enterprises and trading, the directors-general of the departments and the chairmen of the boards who are directly appointed by the president with recommendations from the cabinet ministers.
Obviously, the success of the administrative machinery is totally dependent upon the expertise, experience and egocentrism. As long as these heads of departments are not egocentric, using their expertise and experience rightfully in the interest of their country and countrymen, the administrative machinery can be run smoothly with the result that the people can be best served.
This being so, the Global New Light of Myanmar would like to urge the heads of departments/enterprises/boards to recommend to the cabinet ministers the best suggestions, options and operational procedures in order that the policy makers can make the ideal decisions in the interests of the nation and the people for whom they are accountable.

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