What defines a healthy work environment?

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[dropcap font=”0″]O[/dropcap]ne of the characteristics of a good working environment is a healthy relationship with superiors and co-workers.  Most workers know how to establish a good relationship with superiors, since doing so is obviously in their interest.
Some may seek favourable treatment from superiors while at the same time doing little actual work or claiming credit for the efforts of others. They may tell their superiors they have devoted their lives to the work. They think they have established a good working environment and say that some jealous co-workers are disturbing it.  Such a work environment is only beneficial to the self-seekers. Not every co-worker can accept their egotistical behaviour which puts a greater burden on others. Self-seekers offend their co-workers by exaggerating their meagre work and fawning before their superiors.
All workers want a pleasant working environment, but this does not necessarily mean demanding a better working environment than those around them. One may work as long and hard as anyone else, yet never seek any opportunity or advantage. Unfortunately, a few self-seekers in a workplace can demolish a pleasant working environment for many of those around them.

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