What The Whole Populace Want Is The Nationwide Peace!

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  • Khin Maung Oo
  • Since after gaining Independence in our country, armed conflicts have been taking place until now due to mutual misunderstanding, for 7 decades. Our national brethren are not savoring the taste of Independence. Instead, it has been often heard that our ethnic people including children are being displaced from their locations due to these armed conflicts, or rather running for their survival. Our children can hope for a brighter future while those from armed conflict areas are losing their future. Seeing their sufferings gave us vicarious sufferings. Out of consideration for their sufferings, we want to give subsidies to our brethren and we want to give our voluntary labor in developing their areas which are the back-waters of modernization. But armed conflicts beget hindrances of approaching those areas, which cause impossibilities to accomplish our hopes.
    Presently, the incumbent government is continuing to implement the peace process that did not reach success though the former regime made an attempt to implement. Foreign countries and institutions wishing peace in Myanmar joined Myanmar Government’s efforts by contributing donations to the fund for peace process in Myanmar. Out of sincere consideration, the government unprecedentedly lets us contribute our donations to the fund, as much as we can. To our great surprise, we have seen the acknowledgement of People’s Contribution to the Peace Fund—Union Peace Conference, 21st Century Panlong issued by the National Reconciliation and Peace Centre on 3rd April 2017. The people in the country contributed their donations to the Peace Fund from the opening date of the Bank Account till 20th March 2017, amounting to 13947784774 (13.948 billion) in total. It has been found that individuals across the nation contributed to the fund, as far as they could from their scanty amount of incomes—K 1000, K 5000, K 10000 etc with billions of money donated to the fund by some.
    We can imagine how much our people hope for national reconciliation and peace, by seeing the donations of the people across the nation, strengthening the firm resolve for the success of the peace process under implementation. In such a time when warring countries in our world are trying to bring about peace, we should come out of hibernation of forgetting our poor children’s future dreams. We firmly believe that we can develop our nation. We will be able to build the peaceful and modern Federal Democratic Union soon. The only way to solve this problem is for all national armed groups to come to the political negotiation tables. The whole populace has demonstrated their aspiration to gain nationwide peace by contributing their donations to the peace fund, as much as they can. According to the noteworthy words of State Counsellor, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, “We should consider as to what we can give or sacrifice on our side,” now we are willing and ready to contribute our voluntary labor for building up our brethren’s future. Last but not least, we would like to ask our national leaders what they can give or sacrifice for the benefit of the Union.
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