What will you do in 2017?

By Mg Thaung Win (Ex-diplomat)
The New Year, 2017 is already started as the time-mechanism is moving days and nights. Changing from the old year to the new one is not uncanny. However, it is not easy to answer the question : what will you do in New Year? If you answer the question easily, you could only perform small tasks. Everybody has much works to be done in 2017. Whether those tasks and dreams could be carried out successfully or not is depending on the attitude and effort of each person.
If you would like to get success in 2017, you should write down the dreams with the priority lists. For example, there are so many works depending on ages such as physical exercise, reading, voluntary-works and religious- tasks. If the work which are essential for a person could be finished without fail, then, the lives filled with the happiness of physical and mental could be gained. It is sure that everybody has different dreams. Nevertheless, I’d like to suggest some dreams that should be implemented first and foremost in 2017. I sincerely believe that a person who begin the above tasks without fail could get much benefits.
Doing of physical exercise
The task that should do without fail in 2017 is to do physical exercise. The motto: ” Health is a good luck for everyone” is always right. Human realize the value of health, when he or she is not feeling well. No matter how much the wealth are possessed, the health could not be bought with money. Hence, preventative measure is better than cure. To be healthy and fit, doing of physical exercise should be made regularly. For example, walking exercise should be made daily about thirty minutes. If possible, a little running should be done for sweating. When we get age of over thirty years, Cholesterol are weighted in our body. If our Body Mass Index (BM) is not matched, something is wrong in our body. Taking the food that are suitable for health much contributes to our health. Nevertheless, sport dress, hat and shores are should be bought urgently to do physical exercises in New Year.
A person is surely needed to read the literature every day to extend his or her knowledge. It could not be finished to write down the benefits of literature. Those who read and who do not are different on attitude, opinion and belief over the lives within certain periods. A person who does not read the literature is like a blind man and foolishly believes the others’ words. Those who read the literature could solve the problem in right way. Moreover, they could lead the other persons. A community organized by avid readers is surely peaceful and developed. In contrast, a community that is far from literature is surely influenced with criminals. For exception, there may be some people who do not practise practically, although they read the literature. However, it is universal true that reading gives much profits to us. Therefore, reading the literature should be carried out without fail in 2017.
Religious Devotions
All humans are going to grave daily. When a person is passed away, he has to leave all he possessed such as wealth, wife, husband, daughter, son, position, rank and fame. That is why, the thing we could bring together with us should be searched. That is non other thing but charity, virtue and mediation. Offering of scented water, alms-food, light-candle to Lord Buddha and reciting of Buddha’s Teachings, counting the beats and mediation should be made daily without fail. Making of religious devotions always give much benefits to us. Thus, religious devotions should be conducted in 2017, daily.
Abstain from narcotic-drug, alcohol, betel-chewing and smoking
Narcotic-drug that damages to the people is the common enemy of human. Those who use several drugs including methamphetamine damage their lives themselves. The youths who would like to try the drugs are always fell as the prey of narcotic-drugs. Narcotic-drug is the thing that should not be completely tried. In addition to, alcohol, cigarette, betel-chewing are also damaging the health. We should avoid those things. Those alcohol, betel-chewing and cigar are leaks of family income. So, narcotic- drugs, alcohol, betel-chewing and cigar that completely damage to human should be abstained in 2017.
Conducting of voluntary-work
Giving kind assistance to those who are in need of help is voluntary-work. Providing emergency aids to disaster victims is noble voluntary-work. For example, collective blood donation, donating stationeries to the children those who are in need of help, consult with the patients, are the voluntary-works. There are so many voluntary-works that do not need money. For example, helping of aged-persons, cleaning of wards and villages could be conducted. Throwing of rubbish, spliting of betel-chewing and smoking at designed places are also voluntary-works. Nevertheless, voluntary-works that contribute to public benefits should be conducted in 2017.
Learning of language
Language plays an important role in dealing with each other. At present, the language that is mainly used in the world is English language. Studying of English is not too difficult because it has just 26 alphabets. The youths those who want to improve in their lives should study not only Myanmar language but also another ones. Especially, if English language is studied, much profits could be got surely. Hence, a language should be studied in 2017 without fail.
In a nutshell, now it is 2017. The fact that we all have to accept is aging of one year because a year is already passed over. Accordingly, we are needed to resolve the tasks for 2017. Especially, priority dreams are to be laid down such as health, education, religion, social and economic tasks. May be the persons those who serve for the sake of the nation and the people, implementing the works that could not completed in the previous years and the news tasks in New Year, successfully.

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