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uv protect[dropcap color=”#1f085d” bgcolor=”#” sradius=”0″]T[/dropcap]here was a note in one of the articles appeared in a European online media recently that “The world doesn’t need us, the human being, but we, human being need the world”. The expression really strikes all sensible people in the world in one way or other. The world is the natural environment where all living creatures from the very tiny, invisible insects, bacteria and virus to man, birds, elephants, whales, sharks and all living on the land, in the water and in the air, depend and live. We all need the nature or environment. Nature is nature and it doesn’t need living creature particularly man, who has done most damages to the world, to the nature and to the environment. No living creature ever has done more damages than human being to the environment, in the history of the world. Actually man has colonized the world, occupied the world and utilized the world for his benefit.  It is nevertheless true that man is by far the most intelligent living creature in the world and effectively conquered over other creatures since the stone-age. Man has ever since developed, invented and created uncountable things for his food, shelter, clothing, entertainment, various means of fast transports all for his advantages. In the process we, human being has done many bad things to the world or environment in the name of human advancement, progress, economic development, comfort, conveniences. Industrialized world has been hungry for energy for many decades. Before someone thought there were renewable energy sources we human could tap, such as solar, wind, tidal and geo-thermal sources which do not inflict the world negatively, we have burned fossil fuel, coal, nuclear fuel, all of which have produced billions of tons of carbon and greenhouse gases as by products into the atmosphere. The world atmosphere is now damaged beyond repair…..while most powerful nations of the world are still arguing about the quota of carbon and greenhouse gases to release into the air annually!
As mentioned before, the world doesn’t need us. And to all of us, the world doesn’t care us either. Universe is having evolution as a natural process. Our world, the earth, is only an extremely tiny dust in the universe system. Even solar system, where our earth belongs, is a very small part of the universe. The world has had natural process and occurring since pre-historic times or since its existence. It had rains for millions of years, volcano eruptions for millions of times, storms, typhoon, cyclones, tornados, earthquakes, tsunamis happened every year in almost all parts of the world. Scientists believe that the world must have been hit by celestial matters millions of times in the life of our world. One theory is that due to the collision of a massive meteoroid with the earth, the various species of dinosaur were wiped out, millions of years ago. The point and the eternal truth are that we, human being cannot manipulate or control the natural processes and related occurring of the earth. With advanced science and satellite technology we could now predict the cyclone and typhoon several days in advance and possible disasters could be reduced through preparations, relocation of people from the affected areas. But we cannot predict the earthquake and tsunami, nor volcano eruption. It is indeed very certain that the earth or nature doesn’t care us. But we need the nature and the world and its resources for our survival. So we have to take care for the earth.
Releasing greenhouse gases over the past many decades has already created an ozone hole (depletion of ozone) in the atmosphere. Ozone layer has been protecting the earth from ultraviolet radiation, which is harmful to living creatures including human being. Ultraviolet rays are now beaming through the ozone hole onto the earth. We could have been thoughtful enough to control the producing of greenhouse gases so as to avoid damaging the atmosphere. Scientist also have now  proven that climate changes such as temperature increases, changes of climate patterns, landslides, flooding, melting of Arctic ice are due to human negative behaviors such as burning fossil fuels, deforestation, excessive use of CFC (Chlorofluorocarbon) gases, fertilizer, plastic products, papers. Due to rise of sea water level, which is the outcome of global warming- melting of Arctic ice, several island nations as well as low lying coastal regions of many countries including ours will be under water in coming 50 to 100 years, if we continue damaging earth carelessly. Although we are helpless towards the natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunami, volcano eruption and cyclones we can be contributing to the stabilizing of global temperature and against the rising of sea water level. Each and every human being needs to be educated to avoid careless behavior as much as possible. A compulsory subject about the global warming and negative impacts toward human being must be prescribed in school curriculum from the primary level onwards all over the world. So that future generation is fully aware of the bad human practices and behavior such as cutting trees, excessive use of plastic, CFC gases, fertilizer, burning fossil fuels.  We human being must rapidly switch form diesel/gasoline engine cars, trains to electric cars, trains& bicycles, from CFC refrigerator/air-conditioners to non-CFC ones, avoiding use of plastic bags, promoting & consuming organic food products. Everybody in this world needs to participate to avoid manmade disasters such as global warming, climate changes and rise of sea water level before it is too late. In daily life, therefore, we have to be sensitive and sensible because whatever we do, counts.

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