Wheeler-dealers, Yes-men, wishy-washy persons and free-wheeling practice jeopardize the development and prosperity of a certain society

Wheeler-dealers are clever enough to gain benefits for them by doing a lot of complicated deals in business or politics. They way they handle or conduct is pretty dishonest. They seek the opportunities to do business whichever is lucrative, but they outwit or outfox the other businessmen. On the other hand, the wheel-dealers are extremely egocentric and never hesitant to exploit the business partners or businessmen to their own advantage. They would not consider the interest of the majority people of their community. Moreover, they have effrontery to cheat the fellow businessmen or politicians. Thus they possess the so-called high social status in their society. Wheeler-dealers organize and influence the gullible people from their society to support them for political gain. They suck up to the public officials or officials or higher rank officials in authority in order to gain some advantage for themselves. Normal businessmen must take precaution against the wheeler-dealers in dealing with doing businesses. The wheeler-dealers usually go into politics aiming to attain some authority or power to influence general public as well as businessmen. Obviously, it can be learnt that their aims and objects are merely for their personal gain indeed. In this case, the malpractice or tricky ways must be under covered so that the smooth and harmonious business dealing can be prevalent in the society.
Yes-man is a person who always agrees with the people in authority in order to gain their approval or obeys his employer, leader and superiors. Then they take in some advantage. In other words, yes-man is a person who endorses or supports without criticism every opinion or proposal of an associate or superior. The relations between yes-men and their superiors may be harmonious, but they lose the trust of the vast majority people or general public. If they are involved in the leadership or cabinet or public administration or parliament, the interest of public will not be developed. Instead of getting approval from the voters, they agree and support every proposal by themselves in the cabinet or assembly sessions or meetings. They always say ‘yes’ and nod their heads in agreement without arguing or criticizing anything to their superiors.Yes-men are not reliable for the public due to their selfish-characters. The way they act is nasty and does not contribute to any achievement of the public concerned. Yes-men should not be existent in the organizations, governments and public services. Yes-men are the ones who cheat the vast majority of people and the society concerned. We, the ordinary people must get rid of such persons from our organizations, cabinet and public services in order to prevent from jeopardy while governments and entire people are striving for all-round development, prosperity and tranquility of our society. Truth and justice cannot be prevalent in any society when there are many yes-men in public affairs or services or administrations. They should not deserve as public representatives since they are submissive to their immediate superiors or policy makers or decision makers.
Free-wheeling practice can be seen in some public administration offices or public services. Some public personnel are not concerned about duties, rules and regulations or the possible results of what they do. They do neglect their responsibilities and accountability though they are obliged to do properly. The do not have any plan or frame work to serve the public services. They perform their duties recklessly, unsystematically and inefficiently. Due to their negligence, the success and development of organizations, administrations and the society concerned will be certainly jeopardized. If this type of practice persists in the public services, the relations between the government and the public concerned will not be harmonious indeed.
Wishy-washy persons are the ones who lack in commitment, certainty or support. Their wishy-washy act and behavior make others frustrated or upset. Wishy-washy persons are unreliable in doing business or in social dealing. If the wishy-washy persons are in public authority, they usually dodge the duties for fulfilling the aspiration or necessities demanded by the general public. In fact, they are not capable of performing their duties. Besides, they are bureaucratic-minded and subservient to the bureaucratic administrators. Even if they are engaged in carrying out for social welfare with associates, their behaviors are not appreciated by others. Wishy-washy persons could be politicians and they promise something to the voters. Afterwards, they are elected by public votes and they become the parliamentarians or attain the authority. However, they dodge the performances what they have promised or what they are supposed to do. When they do not want to be pressed for details, their answers to the public are always uncertain and indecisive. Their wishy-washy answers do not meet the points that the public expect to hear or to know. So, people are disappointed with their wishy-washy answers pertaining to public services. Of course, they are mealy-mouthed politicians! We, ordinary people should be aware of such persons those who are in politics, businesses and social life. When they try to deal with us in these fields, we should be wise enough to avoid dealing with them. Wishy-washy persons as well as wishy-washy acts are absolutely not fit for democracy governments.
When we make some careful observation about the behaviors of above-mentioned persons, we find that they really do not fulfill the needs and wants of the general public and the fellow citizens. Wheeler-dealers do exploit fellow businessmen and politicians. Similarly, yes-men ignore the interests of public and they pay respect to their superiors submissively. The mentality of wishy-washy persons is disgusting as he or she does not act in good faith for the simple people indeed. The free-wheeling practice causes a profound impact on the society concerned. Even then, the operations concerning public services or, organizations or administrations are thrown into disarray by the free-wheeling practice. Undoubtedly, they do jeopardize the development and prosperity of the society concerned.
To be able to create an advanced society or nation, we must work together with our knowledge, skills, professional expertise and professional experiences honestly and ideally. Essentially, every human society requires good governance, clean government, philanthropists and honest persons so that the society could maintain sustainable development and prosperity.

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