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After reading a very informative article written in Myanmar language by Lu Lay Wine, titled the “Pointing Fingers”, though the article was based on an article in the Asian Times by Bertil Lintner, I see it as being written from the Myanmar’s perspectives. I thought the author’s views and analysis should be made available to the English speakers, so I will attempt to relate his views and opinions without trying to translate it as to the letter, as I may inject some of my on views and analysis wherever necessary. I will take great care not to miss the original author’s messages that he wants to give the readers.
The international reactions concerning the Rakhine crises are mainly based on the plights of the over 500,000 Bengalis who took flight to Bangladesh. They are falsely labeling that exodus as an unprecedented refugee crisis, acts of genocide, ethnic cleansing, which infringe on the human rights, using the harshest of terms found in the dictionaries. It’s true that those refugees are suffering hardships in the crammed squalid refugee camps in the neighbouring country, without sufficient food or water. However, it would be necessary to know the truth who are the real culprits behind the hardships they are being subjected to.
The international media are painting a false image of the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA). They are portraying the terrorists as ordinary angry and desperate innocent villagers who took up whatever arms they could lay their hands on, to revolt against the Myanmar government, as they couldn’t tolerate the racial discriminations and persecutions by the majority Myanmar any more. Such simultaneous coordinated attacks on the 30 Border Police outposts at around (0100) hours on the 25 August were very difficult tasks for a ragtag collection of ordinary villagers to carry out by themselves. Only well-trained and seasoned fighters could plan and execute such assaults of that scale. Thus it is quite questionable, why the international media are playing down the significance of those incidents. Are they trying to hide the foreign involvements?
Try as they might, the truths are gradually emerging. According to some reliable sources, there were some 150 trained and experienced militants, most of whom were Bangladeshis and 8 militants from Pakistan, and smaller numbers from Indonesia, Malaysia and separatists from Southern Thailand were amongst the attackers. According to Bertil Lintner, even two militants from Uzbekistan too were involved.
The mentor of the ARSA terrorist group is one “Abdus Qadoos Burmi”, who is effectively running the propaganda machine that is far-reaching. He had appeared in numerous propaganda video clips that were widely distributed to instigate a jihad style campaigns in Myanmar. He was born in the impoverished suburb of Karachi, where there are thousands of second and third generation Bengali people who are mostly stateless and do not enjoy the privileges of the Pakistani citizenship, although they had lived there for many years and now some were even born there. He is linked to a Pakistan based militant group called the “Lahkar-e-Taiba”.That group is said to be the largest and most active one in the South Asia region. Also, video clips of the would-be jihadists undergoing military trainings in Aceh, Indonesia are also being widely distributed.
As the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) are losing footholds in Iraq and Syria, concrete reports that they are intending to turn the South East Asia as their battle grounds are emerging. At such a time, the fact that some world powers, especially the US and the UK, and the international media are ignoring the significance of the threats of the ARSA and blaming everything on Myanmar. Those people should be viewed as ones who had lost their rationality all of a sudden.
The military leader of the ARSA is “Emir Attulah Abu Ammar Junjuni”, also known by another name as “Hafiz Tohar”.
He was born in Karachi and educated at a madrasa in Saudi Arabia. According to Bertil Lintner, the former name of the ARSA was “Harakah al-Yaqin”, which meant “The Faith Movement”, which had clear religious connotations. Later that name was changed to a more ethnically oriented one—”ARSA”. The second in command of the ARSA is “Sharif” who is from Chittagong in Southern Bangladesh. He never appears in any of the ARSA propaganda videos. He speaks in Udru, the Pakistani language. Thus none of the leaders are from Rakhine, Myanmar. Thus the involvement of foreign terrorists is undeniable, a fact, which some Western leaders and the international media and the authorities at the UN are trying to downplay or ignore.
One noteworthy fact is that, the ARSA terrorists never wear any kind of uniform, but are attired in everyday clothes like the common Bengali men of Rakhine. They mingled among the ordinary villagers, which provided them very good covers, so they are difficult to be identified or differentiated from the innocent villagers. That is a big problem for the Myanmar military and security personnels, who are performing law enforcements duties and maintaining stability.
They took advantage of the opportunities provided by their covers to mount surprise attacks. If the security personnels mistook them for innocent villagers they will have to pay with their lives and if some were killed by the security forces, even if they were terrorists, the security forces would be accused of killing innocent people by their lobbyists and advocates.
They could also cross freely into the neighbouring country after mounting assaults on the security forces. These are very difficult situations that our military and the police forces are facing.
The terrorists had established an efficient communication network. According to the eye-witness reports of those who were permitted to travel to those areas, they are equipped with the state of the art Satellite phones. Thus it’s no wonder they were getting informations about our security forces movements before hand, which gave them great advantages. If we analyze the developments, since the next day after the report by Mr. Kofi Annan was made public, which were the simultaneous coordinated attacks on our security outposts, the exodus of over 500,000 refugees to Bangladesh, the discovery of the mass graves of Hindus, the still ongoing fleeing of people, should be seen as important facts to ponder. Those with rationale and unbiased minds could see that none of those atrocities were done by our security forces.
Then, how come the international communities and organizations and the media could not see the truth, but drew the conclusions randomly without any concrete evidence to support them, that they were done by our security forces? Also, even if the United States of America couldn’t receive all of the over 4,000,000 Syrian refugees, in whose displacements they had a hand in, except for about only 1500 persons to take refuge in the US, why should we accept all the people who are saying they will not accept nothing less than the recognition by the name of their choice and will not undergo the verification process if their demands are not met? The United Nations should not bully us to bow to the international pressures again, as in the mid 1970s, to agree to their unreasonable demands. The State Counselor had publicly stated that our side will abide by the bilateral agreement of 1993, reached between Bangladesh and Myanmar, in verifying the returnees. Those who satisfy the requirements set in that agreement to be deemed as eligible for citizenships and will be accordingly granted. What could be more fair than that?
In conclusion allow me to voice my opinions. The stateless people from Pakistan are definitely the descendants of the Bengali people who happened to be living there at the time of the separation of Pakistan from India on receiving their Independence and were left unrecognized as citizens for some reasons since then. They definitely were not from Myanmar and for that matter they were neither from Bangladesh. If I may further voice my views, the fact that the not properly trained and inexperienced, hastily recruited or conscripted villagers were let to spearhead the attacks were the most irresponsible and inhumane act by their leaders. They were being treated as expendable pawns in a game of chess. They were purposely sacrificed as a ruse to deceive the world at large that the Myanmar law enforcement units used undue excessive force. The primitive weapons such as the machetes, homemade guns, and catapults etc, left behind after the skirmishes, too, were also part of their cunning tricks. I must say their plans worked. Nearly the whole world was deceived to believe that Myanmar security forces handled the situation high-handedly, by using excessive force ln ordinary villagers armed with primitive weapons. In fact it is the ARSA terrorists who are the real culprits.

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