Who on earth is backing these criminal acts?

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  • Khin Maung Oo
  • These days, news about crimes, seizures of illegal drugs and smuggling of contraband teak logs, hard woods and gems and jewels have occupied the pages of newspapers and journals, almost every day. To our great surprise and delight, we heard the news of contraband seizures, because in the past, such kinds of seizures turned out to be ownerless, and most of the cases vanished out of people’s minds as time went by. Now, the situation has changed completely. People, especially conscientious youths and adults themselves stepped up to cooperate with authorities concerned, of their own accord in fighting against these unlawful deeds and activities of unscrupulous people. Loss of our country’s natural resources can pose a great danger to the country. Due to the undisciplined cutting of trees and relentless mining of minerals, we are now suffering climate change which begets floods, landslides, deforestation, drought and global warming. If these problems go unchecked without any remedial measures, the country will surely be in great danger in the near future, according to experts. By letting these ultra-opportunists mine minerals and extract logs without any regard for the interest of the public, the country is losing its revenues, which we can utilize for the development of our children’s health and education.
    In fact, the harmful effects of damages done to our natural environment can be minimized to a certain extent by taking proper corrective measures; whereas the increasing smuggling of drugs into the country will erode the intellects, strengths and abilities of our youths. If unsolved urgently, this threatening and frightening danger will swallow the future of our youths and our country. Drugs will consume our youth’s energy and morals to such an extent that very soon these youths will become a liability to the country instead of our future hope. How will our future nation-builders devoid of capacities to lead a country manage the country to stand tall as a sovereign nation in the world? Now, the whole nation wants to get rid of bitter experiences inherited from previous governments. We have chosen a good and clean government by a landslide victory in the 2015 general elections, being inspired by our desire to change where change is needed. For this we have energetic youths who are eager to build our country into a modern and developed nation. With their active and energetic contributions, we will surely be able to march towards our goal, on one condition that we need to change everything necessary to be changed—including laws, acts, rules and regulations so that any hindrances will not stand in our way.
    Release of criminals under the general amnesty order by the previous regime led to increasing crime rates which begot theft, murder and rape cases. At present, seizures of drugs and contraband goods are heartening for us. The government is responsible for seeking out these criminals, to arrest them and giving them the punishment they deserve. We, the people, on the other hand should cooperate with the authorities concerned conscientiously, in fighting against these criminal acts. It is natural for any society or community to have good people as well as bad ones.
    Due to the concerted efforts of the Tatmadaw, the Police Force and the People, wrongdoers, law violators and criminals have been discovered and arrested and brought to justice. This is a good sign for us. Yet, it is a sorrowful thing that in some cases, some people in authority have been found to have gotten involved in some way, and this shows that there are still loopholes and weakness in our laws and in the Constitution.
    Therefore, there are those who take advantage of these loopholes and weakness for their own benefit. What is worse, these people are backing the criminals and wrongdoers; these dangerous acts will surely destroy our future. Now is the time to amend any and all loopholes and weaknesses in our laws so that anyone who threatens our society can be promptly arrested, brought to justice and given the punishment they deserve.
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