Who will stop the inexorability of bribery and corruption?

To our dismay, we have same stories about crimes including bribery and corruption, almost everywhere we go today. Mass media and social network pages share us with all kinds of news & information. It may ask the question if I claim that we are likely to have such feelings even when we go to places assumed to be pleasant ones. As per human-nature, we keep our secrets to ourselves for some time only, eventually yielding them up by confiding to our best friends or relatives, thus having no room for hiding everything. It beggars description that some in our
ever-respected noble profession — especially in urban area are not above forcing our children to give them gifts and presents. These kinds of people will never ever set an example for them.
Each and every one of crimes and malpractices can be said to be attributed to anger and greed. Undeniably, all beings are tending to think only about themselves compared to others’ affairs. But excessive self-centeredness may lead us to moral destruction, then begetting the ruin of the peaceful existence of our society. Our Lord Buddha teaches greed/craving, anger and ignorance are defilements that blacken our pure minds.
Inflation and skyrocketing commodity prices are problems challenging our planet. In the pretext of surrendering themselves to these problems due to difficulties to survive with their scanty amount of income, most got involved in moral bankruptcy.
The incumbent government was left with a legacy of mosaic problems — anti-corruption, inter alia.
Superficially speaking, it seems to be less important. They assume corruption is concerned with only two people or two groups. It is totally wrong. Both parties accumulate wealth from benefits received, then trying to control existence of other people. Their desire will never cease. To fulfill their needs, they are never reluctant to do anything: legal or illegal. Thus rule of law will disappear before our eyes. Who can build a peaceful state without rule of law? We all are responsible for helping emergence of rule of law. How and what are we to do? While the government and authorities are implementing nation-building, we are required to live under the frame of ethics.
Do we need to rob and steal for keeping body and soul together, to exploit others’ labor and wages for us to live in luxury, to deracinate others for us to reach the top? What we want is a pleasant world to live in, not a utopia. To build our edifice of hope may take us one or two decades, not eons. Our youths need to be indoctrinated with the spirit of deep hatred of moral corruption, social stigma of dubious ways and taking evil deeds as disgusting practices. So as to accomplish this mission, we need to co-operate with our government in campaigning for school-age children to come to classrooms to receive righteous conception of loving truth as if by osmosis. Suffice it to say that we ourselves are those who can stop the inexorability of bribery and corruption.

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