Who’s Who!

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  • Dr. Nu Nu Win
  • Men are four : He who knows not and knows that he knows not; he’s a child, Teach him.
    He who knows and knows not that he knows; he’s asleep, Wake him.
    He who knows and knows that he knows; he’s a wise man, Seek him.
    He who knows not and knows not that he knows not, he’s a fool, Shun him.
    This is how different types of persons are mentioned in an old saying.
    If you know who you actually are and if you know the person or persons you have to deal with, it will be easy for you as you will know how to deal with different persons. It will lead you to a successful goal. That is how to deal with different persons
    As teachers, we have to deal mostly with the first and second kinds of persons in our career life. Students, both young and old, most of them know themselves that they do not know about the lesson, so they want to learn. They want to study and we teachers have to fulfill their needs .That is Teachers have to teach such kinds of students.
    However, there are some lessons which one can see easily in our environment, at home or at school or in our communities. Most of the children are not aware that these things are happening near them. For them we need to motivate them to let them see that these are the things very near and dear to them. So, by motivating them to learn, we awaken them.
    Most of the teachers in our schools, should know what they are going to teach and should know that they know. Then only can they become like “wise men” for their students. A teacher with limited knowledge about his subject matter is not the right man to teach that subject. So, teachers should be wise men for their students and for their field of study .If a child is taught by a wise man, there is nothing to lose for the child. The child will benefit greatly from his teacher.
    It shows clearly that every teacher should be an expert in the subject matter they are going to teach. We also have a very old saying among Education professionals which said, “To teach John Latin, you must know both Latin and John.”
    “To know Latin” means a teacher should know about the subject matter he is going to teach, and “To know John” means, a teacher should know about his individual student very well. Only then he can impart what he already knows very well which he had studied and prepared thoroughly ahead for his teaching. He would know what to teach, when to teach, and how to teach his students only if he knows them individually. Then he can choose which method is the best method for his class and for his students and he can handle his class very tactfully.
    For that purpose, teachers should train themselves to become wise men for their students, so that they can motivate their students and arouse their curiosity which will make them want to learn more and more.
    But, it’s a great but, we should not keep the company of fools. There are a lot of fools around us. They think they know very well (that means they know not that they know not) and they use to write and talk aloud as if they were an expert in very many fields. We should take care not to be friends with such kinds of persons. We should shun them.
    Sometimes, they think they know a matter very well, although what they think they know is not correct. As these fools are very stubborn and proud of themselves so much, they cannot be taught. They are the persons whom we say “ Nga sagar nwar ya” speakers and they are also fond of arguing and fighting for what they think is correct.
    So, the best way to deal with such kinds of persons is to shun them.
    That’s the way, how we should deal with different kinds of persons in our life.
    The key point is we should know “ Who’s Who”.
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