Why migrate in search of work?

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“There’s no place like home”
Is a line from a popular song “Home sweet home” written by J H Payne and sung by Henry Rowley Bishop.
It is not an easy task to leave one’s place for good, because migration involves making a once-in-a-lifetime decision to uproot and start from scratch in an alien place in the hope of finding better job opportunities far away.
People migrate for different reasons. Researchers have identified these reasons as economical, political, social and environmental and divided them into two separate categories: pull factors and push factors.
The push and pull factors account for the mass migrations of today. The push factors includes situations that make it hard for people to remain where they are and as a result choose to migrate, whereas the pull factors comprise reasons why people move to a particular place.
For example, some economic causes of migration include lack of employment opportunities and basic amenities, while social migration is related to lack of services and high crime rates due to poor security. Instability, persecution and armed conflict are prime examples of political migration. And environmental causes of migration are due to crop failure, drought, flooding and natural hazards.
Nobody in their right minds would ever migrate from a place where higher employment, better services, a better quality of life, greater safety and security, political stability and fertile land with lower risk from natural disasters are concentrated.
It is time for the government to pay undivided attention to the push factors and seek ways to overcome them so as to ensure a more attractive quality of life at home.

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