Why violence is cowardice disguised

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Although we live in a multicultural society, we cannot avoid encountering racial, political, social and religious persecution. Differences are natural and common and there is no reason to discriminate on any grounds whatsoever, whether it be on race, gender or religion.
If we have to hate people for being different from us in terms of differing ideas and thoughts, we ourselves are the first people we should hate, simply because we keep changing our points of view depending on the situation we find ourselves in. Clearly, there are times in which we find ourselves contradicting our own views.
Despite our differences, at the end of the day we are all human beings. That is why neither a single soldier nor a single enemy has ever been killed at war. All the deaths that war has ever claimed were in fact human lives. From a religious point of view, all human beings are related to each other in some way, given our numerous past existences or rebirths.
It is safe to assume that inflicting death and destruction on others is nothing less than a sign of cowardice, whereas courageous people avoid conflicts that cause sorrow and destruction. In other words, sacrifice and peacefulness lies at the core of courage.
In short, every dispute has its roots in stubbornness and self-esteem. It is therefore important to display our broadmindedness and compassion about the plight of innocent victims trapped in conflicts in the knowledge that all lives are of equal worth.

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