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Everyone knows that candidates from different parties during their election campaigns make all kinds of hopeful promises of how they will implement reforms on all fronts when they take office. When elected, they will work hard to adopt policies on all-round national development as advocated during the campaigns. This means that they all are in the same boat.
It is undeniable that they all share the same development goals. Their fervent desires for national development are unmatched to some extent. Even then, what makes them opposed to each other’s views? Are there any hidden agenda behind their promises?
The same thing can be said of the peace talks.  When asked if they want to live together in peace, all conflicting communities will be ready with a quick answer of yes. They all keep talking of how important peace is for the development of their communities. But nobody wants to make some sacrifice and compromise for peace. No matter how they say how much they care for peace, are there any hidden agenda behind their words?
A similarly affected topic is education. Everyone understands that their quality of life will improve dramatically when they are well educated. Despite this plain fact, only a few people land decent jobs after graduation, while many graduates remain unemployed. Most of the people leading a hard life turn out to be those who did not finish school, feeling guilty and remorseful for wasting their youth. Strange as it may seem, only a few regret it while many do not regret a thing. Instead, they willingly abandon themselves to fate. Hopefully, there is no such thing as a hidden agenda behind what they call bad luck.

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