Widen the scope of public knowledge through high-standard literary works

Literature can be used in decorating the lifestyle of the people, their socio-economic status, the real history of the nation, and the evolution of the world and nature of the humans. Especially, the literature can reflect the images of people in past and present as part of fortifying the mental strength and souls of humans and society.
Indeed, literature has been manipulating human society with peace and war. It controls the past, the present, and the future of society. It shakes the nation and society as well as the world. Literature can upgrade or degrade society. Only when the literature of the people and the nation improve will the nation develop.
Literature of relevant countries shows the living standard of the people and their qualifications. Myanmar’s literature is not the downgrade, and literary works such as poems, novels, and literary creations can keep abreast of other countries.
This year, the National Lifetime Awards for Literary Achievement and the National Literary Awards were presented to relevant winners. The National Lifetime Awards for Literary Achievement was given to the doyen literati annually. Such a kind of award was presented to four doyen literati this year in a bid to recognize and honour their lifelong literary careers as well as encourage the new generation of writers.
This year, relevant winners were awarded in the Sarpay Beikman manuscript award contest. Those winners created the best literary works for widening the scope of knowledge of the people through literature. Myanmar’s literary arena creates many kinds of literary awards for writers and authors to create high-class literary works for the people.
The best works in relevant genres were chosen from the already published books in a calendar year to award the writers in national literary awards. Such an award can catch the applause of readers and writers in the literary arena. It is an effort of the governments in successive eras to improve the Myanmar literary standard.
As the government presents the National Lifetime Awards for Literary Achievement, the National Literary Awards, and the Sarpay Beikman Manuscript Award to the deserved writers for their excellent literary performances, all literati need to serve the literary duties for the interests of the State and the people with their literary creation capability while paving the way to the new generation youths to be able to read the high standard books and literature in the future.

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