We will perform our duties in accord with the law, putting the rule of law forward: Dr Win Myat Aye

Following is the interview with Union Minister for Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement Dr Win Myat Aye

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Union Minster for Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement Dr. Win Myat Aye.

Q. Let me know how measures will be made for the villages which were burnt down in Maungtaw region.

A. This is concerned with rehabilitation. And, there used to be the law that the government has the authority to rehabilitate in places which were burnt down. But we had consulted with the Union Attorney General Office, directly concerned with laws, assuming that we need to implement in accord with the law. So, we have had their legal advice. For the time being, Natural Disaster Management Law, 2013 complies with the situations on the ground. And we have had rules and regulations, 2015. There, it implies with the definition of the wording—disaster. Accordingly, we will proceed according to that law.

Q. What else do you want to add concerning Rakhine State Affair.?
A. The affairs happening in Rakhine State started from many years ago. Since the time taking office, the incumbent government repeatedly says that it will prioritize bringing about the internal peace and affairs of the national people.
Places to be prioritized depending upon the least developed regions, among the regions where ethnic people are living, were chosen. They are Chin State and Rakhine State. Being full of conflicts in the region, Rakhine State was prioritized. Next time we will continue to perform in Chin State. Just at the time the new government started to take the office, the State Counsellor herself formed a committee for peace, stability and development of Rakhine State.
Afterward, the advisory committee on Rakhine State led by Mr Kofi Annan was formed, with a view to be able to implement in the long term. And again, due to the events which took place on 9 October 2016, Maungtaw Region Investigation Committee led by Vice-President U Myint Swe.
If we implement the recommendations of those commissions, there will be beneficial for the region in the long run. We will effectively perform for the benefit of the people.
Now we are performing concerning Rakhine State, with genuine heartfelt minds.
We are trying our best for the regional development in every way. So we would like to say that people need to cooperate.
We will perform our duties in accord with the law, putting the rule of law forward. So, it is of great importance to take part in peace and stability.


Ye Khaung Nyut

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