Will you abandon ‘hundred’ seeing ‘thousand’?

Yin NweKo (Linn)

A day in October.
While using facebook, Ko Kyaw Kha, a regular netizen, found a queer message in English in his chat room.
Ko Kyaw Kha is a middle-aged men who have already made friends over a thousand people local and abroad on facebook. He occasionally makes a chat with his friends through the chat room.
This message was rather queer as the name of the mesage-sender had never been found among those of his friends local and abroad. Ko Kyaw Kha could not guess how his account was known and how the message was sent into his chat room. The message said that she was friendly with Ko Kyaw Kha and wanted to have an important discussion on certain matter, leaving her e-mail address.
As he saw the name ‘Mirabel Jude’ whom he never knew, Ko Kyaw Kha thought if someone made it for a fun. However, he had a sudden idea in which he would make a reply e-mail no matter what it was and replied that he was interested in the subject that would be discussed. After that Ko Kyaw Kha was without keeping a memory alive with Mirabel Jude. When he looked at the inbox of e-mail about ten days later unexpectedly, he saw the second e-mail of Mirabel Jude. The date indicated that it lasted over a week. When Ko Kyaw Kha opened that inbox, he saw an unexpected long e-mail in English.
The summary of it was that her name was Mirabel Jude and unmarried. She wrote that letter with tears and pains. She was from Kenya and a daughter of a Deputy Minister. Her father died in a plane crash in 2008. She had a step-mother and an uncle yet. Both of them took all possessions of her father and left nothing for her. Besides, they did not give her international passport. She was helpless and lived in a refugee camp in Dakar, Senegal. Before her father’s death, he entrusted $ 6.6 million in a bank in England for her future. However, she could not get it as she had to have a foreign partner or a trustee abroad in order that the money could be transferred into his or her account. She had no next of kin and foreign partner. Therefore, Ko Kyaw Kha assumed himself as her next of kin as well as her trustee and would arrange to transfer the money from the bank of England. She wrote it to ask for his help.
Ko Kyaw Kha could not believe it as the amount of $ 6.5 million was a large sum of money in Myanmar currency. He made a print of it through his computer in order to read it again. The e-mail was in a full size of A 4 paper.
Ko Kyaw Kha seriously thought whether it was a deliberately created story or an actual request for help encountering with real difficulty. He also thought what he would continue to do after transferring the money into his bank account. Was the money free from danger? He made all-round thoughts. Nevertheless, he decided to reply that e-mail as a test of her original attitude on him. In his e-mail, he asked her how he would do or what tasks would be done on his side.  On the following day, Ko Kyaw Kha searched the e-mail inbox with care. There was the third one from Mirabel Jude.
In her third e-mail, Mirabel Jude said that she was excited whether her previous long e-mail would go well with Ko Kyaw Kha’s heart. She started her e-mail with what she was very glad because of Ko Kyaw Kha’s reply. She continued she was let to use the computer from the office of Rev. Father in the refugee camp. His phone number was +221………………, she stayed in Room 14 of female hostel. She did not have any experience in international transaction of banks. So there was nothing she could do without the help of Ko Kyaw Kha. She could use the access of internet and computer just because of the gratitude of Rev. Father, She did not have money to make a call to Ko Kyaw Kha. She also asked him to send her his address, present occupation, the name of the Bank which would be contacted and the photos of Ko Kyaw Kha. She also sent two of her full-length  photos.
Ko Kyaw Kha made the e-mail into a print and the photos were downloaded and saved in his computer. The data Mirabel Jude asked were sent through e-mail. Ko Kyaw Kha was rather excited as he already knew that she had prepared the papers to be contacted with the bank after she had got his next e-mail. In the following morning, he found another e-mail from Mirabel Jude. In that e-mail, the address of the bank from London to which Ko Kyaw Kha would make a contact, its e-mail addresses and phone numbers, the name of the superior of the Bank, the forms Ko Kyaw Kha would fill up, the bank account number of her father and the ready-made letter Ko Kyaw Kha would have to send to the bank were completely mentioned including a request letter in which the bank would have to transfer $ 6.5 million from the account of Mirabel’s father into his as Ko Kyaw Kha was her next of kin as well as a foreign partener.
Ko Kyaw Kha had to think carefully. He did not know whether the data in the e-mail were right or not. Practically real difficulty for Ko Kyaw Kha was not whether Mirabel’s data were right or not but that of Ko Kyaw Kha’s account in bank. The bank Ko Kyaw Kha had made his account was a private bank under the Ministry of Animal Husbandry and Fishery and it had no contacts with any foreign banks. The superior of the bank made Ko Kyaw Kha know they did not have the authority to accept and transfer the bills with a bank abroad. The bank could do the transactions for the locals only.
There are only three banks in the small town where Ko Kyaw Kha lives in. They are Myanmar Economic Bank, Agricultural Bank and Animal Husbandry and Fishery Bank. There is no bank that cannot do the transactions with the foreign banks. It took Ko Kyaw Kha about two or three days not knowing what to do from his side rather than scrutinizing whether the data Mirabel sent was right or not. On the following day, Ko Kyaw Kha got another e-mail from Mirabel Jude. This time, not having read it yet, Ko Kyaw Kha made a print through computer and printer. It was about 4.30 am. Though the time is the one many people are fast asleep, it is the best time for receiving and sending e-mail in Myanmar.
At daybreak, after having breakfast, Ko Kyaw Kha read the e-mail, he saw Mirabel said that the query Ko Kyaw Kha had made what he would have to do after transferring the bills into his account was the very suitable one. First, Ko Kyaw Kha would have to send some money to her after the bills had been transferred so that she could make the papers for her travel, Ko Kyaw Kha would have to help her to invest a business with the remaining money for her future. She wanted to go back to school. There were many difficulties about food, shelter, clothing etc., in the refugee camp. The only thing she could do was putting her trust in her Maker. She needed help from Ko Kyaw Kha at present as she did not feel well. She had difficulties to buy some drugs and food. Therefore, she made a request that Ko Kyaw Kha would be to send 100 dollars to her through Rev. Father’s address in Dakar, Senegal.
A hundred dollar is equivalent about over one lakh kyats in Myanmar currency. The balance in Ko Kyaw Kha’s account was much more than one lakh kyats. However, the major problem was the transaction of the banks. It seemed Ko Kyaw Kha had to invest a hundred dollar first in order that $ 6.5 million could be transferred into his account. Ko Kyaw Kha did not send reply e-mail on that day.
The story between Ko Kyaw Kha and Mirabel Jude came to an end on that very day.
I would like to leave the ending of the story as the dear readers’ own opinions if the transactions of the banks in such small town Ko Kyaw Kha lives in were OK.
In fact, those who are associated with the facebook, a social network, are all ordinary human beings. I dare say there are no Ariyãs in association with facebook. Ordinary human being is the fool who thinks and does as he wishes regarding the absence as presence. Ko Kyaw Kha includes in them and so does the one named Mirabel Jude. One stimulates the other’s greed with $ 6.5 million dollars persuading his pities to fall upon her and one did with Abijjã  wishing the other’s money to come into his pocket without his own endeavor.
Then, when the other moved to seize one hundred dollars from the other’s pocket with greed first, the one did not bear in taking one hundred dollars out from his pocket with Avariciousness.
All in all, in the view of Dhamma, both sides are wrong. All are demerit minds and they are leading to Apãya. When objectively thinking, the story created by the lady abroad is conspicuous that it is a fabricated one. Nevertheless, I remember a sentence I have ever read in the novel entitled ‘Ponenarr Ba Kun” written by Sayar Minn Thein Kha. It is ‘If you are going to lie, don’t make trifle but lie up to one’s heart.’

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