Winners of national titles and medals announced in commemoration of 73rd Independence Day

THE Office of the President issued 11 notifications on conferring award titles in commemoration of 73rd Anniversary of Independence Day 2021.
The Notification 1/2021 consists of the religious titles that are conferred upon senior Buddhist monks who are performing the duties of Buddhist religion— Pariyatti (lecturing of Buddha’s text) and Patipatti (meditation) as well as upon the lay disciples who are supporting the Buddhist religion by donating alms and offertories, Notification 2/2021 honourary titles and medals, 3/2021 Thingaha medal for Myanmar military service, 4/2021 Good military service medal, 5/2021 Good civil service medal, 6/2021 Good police service medal, 7/2021 State police service medal, 8/2021 police joint-fight medal, 9/2021 public service medal, 10/2021 Public service medal, and 11/2021Law and order enforcement medal. — MNA

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