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  • By Khin Maung Oo
  • Security plays an important role for a country and its people. As regards security, there should not be one iota of threat which causes fear and worry for a country and among those living in the country. Due to the news item about seizure of weapons at Nay Pyi Taw airport and its related news, worries and criticisms are increasingly rising up among our people, it is learnt.
    When the news of seizure of 21 modern weapons was added to the worries over the inhumane attacks of ARSA extremist terrorists which took place in northern Rakhine State, undeniably there have been a lot of worries and criticisms in the country. We also heard on July 19 that 21 automatic firearms to be sent to Mandalay were seized in Thazi. On 5th October as well, 10000 units of detonators which are used in exploding bombs were seized being carried via Chin State. Similarly, a total of 40000 detonators were found in a car which was stopped and searched in Kalaywa Township nearby the Myanmar-India border on 16th October. They were said to have been sued.
    Illegally possessed weapons can kill people and threaten regional security. Criminal possession and carriage of weapons are outlawed. Illegal weapons that are possessed with a view to commit a crime, launching armed attacks or shooting at random are outlawed. That being so any kind of behavior and deeds which are potential risks for the people must be sought for and protected.
    At present, all nations have fears and worries over the danger of armed extremist terrorists. Thus they are taking precautions so as not to be infiltrated by these destructive elements by heightening the security precautions. Despite these efforts breaches of security occurred even in advanced nations of the world said to be equipped with cutting-edge security systems, claiming many innocent lives. We must take lesson from these events.
    Generally, extremist terrorists illegally possess and use explosives and modern firearms. But very recently due to the random attacks made with modern weapons, a mass shooter killed 60 people and nearly 500 were injured in Las Vegas.
    In Myanmar, nobody apart from national security forces has a right to possess firearms. Anyone who holds ordinary lethal weapons such as knives, sticks or rods, not to mention automatic guns and firearms in public places can be arrested. We already have such a law. It must be more serious and punishable to hold modern weapons. Only if criminal possession of weapons can be effectively wiped out in accord with rules and laws with security consciousness and awareness in our minds, will our people be able to live in the country with rule of law, being free from worries.
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