With all hands on deck, closure of IDP camps, resettlement of IDPs are possible

Steps are being taken to shut down the IDP camps in Kachin State in accordance with the tasks prescribed in the National Strategy for the closure of nationwide IDP camps and resettlement of IDPs.
The national strategy envisages that all displaced people at IDP camps return home safely and with dignity and rebuild their lives without depending on others.
Kachin State work committee on resettlement of IDPs and closure of IDP camps has carried out its tasks through its nine sub-committees since its formation to bring about socioeconomic development and rehabilitate displaced people from the IDP camps in Kachin State.
As the National Camps Closure Strategy has been approved by the Union Government, we are confident that the resettlement and rehabilitation of people displaced by conflicts would improve and better jobs will be created for them.
The UN Core Group comprising UN agencies including UNRCO, UNDP, UNICEF, UNHCR, UNFPA, FAO, ILO, UN Habitat, UN Women and WFP, will provide technical assistance to the return of IDPs in Kachin State to their homes.
When it comes to writing an action plan for the government-led technical advisory team for the resettlement and rehabilitation of IDPs in Kachin State, the plan needs to be in line with the national strategy.
The resettlement of IDPs would be carried out in a manner that is consistent with the rules and regulations of the respective region and state governments. Also, choosing the sites for relocation and land management must be carried out in conformity with the law.
The IDPs in Kachin State have been suffering the consequences of conflicts which have also delayed their socio-economic development.
To make the closure of Kachin State’s IDP camps and resettlement of IDPs a success, all hands from the government departments and committees, local residents, UN agencies, civil society organizations, associate organizations, and residents of the IDP camp should be on deck.
The officials concerned are advised to discuss the national strategy, policies and tasks with the IDPs and local ethnic organizations to ensure they clearly understand the government’s policy, which is committed to ensuring that displaced people are able to rebuild their lives with safety and dignity, without depending upon others.

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