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“Without paid leave” regarded for teachers absent from duty upon submitting appeals


The Information Team of the State Administration Council released a statement re-inviting the basic education staff who are absent from their duties.
The statement said efforts are being made to develop the human resources of the country and to restore normal learning opportunities for new generations to ensure their higher education.
For the education of new generations, the basic education schools across the country were reopened on 1 November 2021, and higher education universities/colleges were reopened on 12 May 2022.
Similarly, the basic education schools for the 2022-2023 Academic Year will be reopened on 2 June 2022. Therefore, skilled teachers are needed for the basic education students.
The teachers who have been away from their duties due to intimidation, participation in peaceful protest, and teachers who have been prosecuted under staff discipline can report to the relevant township education offices where the schools they served their duties are located and to the nearest relevant township education offices to submit an appeal not later than 31 May, it said.
Among the basic education staff who are absent from their duty, those who are absent without leave due to various reasons, those under the investigation, and those who file an appeal, shall be considered as without paid leave for the period of non-duty and will be re-employed except for those who have committed serious crimes. – TWA/GNLM

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