Women entrepreneurs’ role in peace process

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State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, right, addresses the opening day of Women’s Week Myanmar yesterday in Nay Pyi Taw. Photo: MNA
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State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi (Centre) and Union Minister Dr Win Myat Aye (5th Left) pose for a documentary photo with prominent women entrepreneurs. Photo: MNA

State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi urged everyone to take the rule of law into consideration when thinking about rights for women, stressing the importance of peace for business.
She also called on female entrepreneurs to discuss how the business sector can help support the peace process.
“Business cannot flourish in a country devoid of peace. The business that we’re supporting is inclusive of all people, not for any particular individual, corporation or organization,” the State Counsellor said in her opening address at the Women’s Week Forum yesterday in Nay Pyi Taw.
She further stated that business is an important support for a person’s physical needs but we also need to recognise that its effects cannot support our emotional and mental needs. In our effort to grow opportunities for Myanmar women, we need to consider the level of equality these opportunities will present.
“We cannot overlook the fact that other countries are more developed in the legal sector; however, we must also consider the effects of these laws as well. Which is why when we think of women’s opportunities, we must also consider Rule of Law, without which legislations for gender equality will be nothing more than words on paper,” said the State Counsellor.
She also stressed the importance of taking responsibility when people take chances, urging businesswomen to work with the spirit of taking responsibility for the country and the world.

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Daw Nang Lang Kham, Chairperson of the Kanbawza Brighter Future Myanmar Foundation speaks at the forum. Photo: MNA

On the opening day of Myanmar Women’s Week, the State Counsellor voiced her wish for inclusive peace talks conducted monthly among the citizens and responsible people within various sectors. She pointed out that  the business sector can help support the peace process in yesterday’s business talk with prominent women entrepreneurs that was aired live on MRTV and on the Facebook pages of the Myanmar President’s Office and the State Counsellor.
The State Counsellor said in her speech that participation in NGOs has had a positive effect for women’s rights.
“Now, in the United Nations many NGOs are found to have taken active part in the organisation. Last year, I attended the United Nation’s General Assembly, finding NGOs and social societies present at the assembly. We had seen that these organisations had influences over UN’s decisions.
Women from our country are required to participle in the NGOs and need to take responsibility especially. Some NGOs have been found to go beyond more than the government in the role of influence. Hence, it is impossible to take authority into consideration, with responsibility excluded. It is of great importance to prove that our women have courage to take responsibility with the increasing demand for rights.
By acquiring women’s rights, the standard of a country rises up. As for women, they are demanding for rights, and simultaneously they need to show their enthusiasm to perform their duties energetically. Only demanding for rights, without taking responsibility and accountability, which are wholly left to the government, does not comply with democracy standards.
We cannot achieve the progress we deserve only if we take something partially. Now we are in the circle of women entrepreneurs. But we cannot think about the benefits of the circle alone. Some said how they started philanthropic activities. It may be reasonable economy helped social affairs.
Entrepreneurs need to look forward to the benefits not only for economy and our country but also for the benefits for the world. These cannot be avoided presently. Our country is connected with other countries. We must acknowledge these connections and then we must consider how we shall do for the best for us, for the country and for other countries, so that we can win the genuine spirit.
If a woman wants to expose her country’s progress, she needs to be eager to present women’s rights and she also needs to do from the perspective that women can help spirited revolution be successful. Women in other countries who are working for women’s rights, I assume that women’s rights are the freedom of human beings.
Peace is a major matter for the development of human beings. Peace means not only national peace, but also world peace. Peace is a thing that comes from our hearts. Only if we have the spirit of peace will peace be achieved. Unless we really want peace, however much we say peace, we cannot help for the achievement of peace. So, I want our women to think carefully which kind of spirit we need to gain our national peace and world peace, and to help these spirits develop while performing our responsibilities,” she said.
Following her speech, Daw Nang Lang Kham, Chairperson of the Kanbawza Brighter Future Myanmar Foundation, clarified the aim of the forum, saying that the forum was held in honour of Myanmar women who are taking part in development of the country keeping abreast of others locally and internationally.
To work for gender equality, to disseminate knowledge and lay down strategies for promoting the capacity of women and girls, the forum is a part of cooperation with the Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement, she added.
KBZ Group is the main organiser of the event.
Other programs in the line-up are the Creating Inclusive Growth Forum (March 6 in Nay Pyi Taw), Women Affairs Programs (March 6 to 11 on MRTV 4 and shortwave radios), documentaries (March 7 at Global Shapers Yangon), a women authors and women affairs book fair (March 8 to 12 at City Mart Holdings), and an equality football match (March 12 at the Myanmar Football Federation).
There will also be various women-related campaigns, workshops and seminars at various locations fromWednesday to Saturday.
The opening ceremony of the forum was also attended by Daw  Khin Thet Htay, wife of Vice-President U  Myint Swe, Dr Shwe Hlwan, wife of Vice-President U Henry Van Thio, Union  Ministers Dr Pe Myint, Dr Myint Htwe, Dr Myo Thein Gyi, Dr Win Myat Aye, U Thein Swe, the Chairman of the Nay Pyi Taw Council and departmental officials.—Myanmar News Agency

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