Women Party (Mon) presents its policy, stance and work programmes

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Women Party (Mon)
Women Party (Mon) Chairperson Mi La-Yai Mon (a) Mi Than Shin and Ayeyawady Region representative Daw Aye Win presented party’s policy, stance and work programmes as follows:

Please let me express my pleasure to speak on behalf of womenfolk at this auspicious time.
I am Mi La-Yai Mon (a) Mi Than Shin, Chairperson of the Women Party (Mon). We founded our party on 8-10-2014, and it is now six years old.
Now the scope of the party’s activities has reached Ayeyawady Region, in addition to Mon State, Bago Region, Taninthayi Region and Kayin State.
The emergence of our party has enhanced the dignity of the people and the country. It is a women-only party that ensures 100% participation of women in the political sector at the time when world countries are struggling for a 30% female involvement in politics. Moreover, the all-women party ensures gender equality.
It is an honour for the country as what we have done is still seen by others as impossible. But we understand that the noble spirit of our countrymen and the value they place on womenfolk is the foundation of our achievement.
The logo of our party signifies the mother’s love, while its vision is a peaceful world.
Before ensuring global serenity, we would like to restore peace and stability in our own country. But the national tranquillity goes beyond peace as it involves a wide array of sectors including the basic needs of human. The fundamental needs of the grassroots have become an urgent issue of the country now. In our view, we need economic growth to address this issue.
The Women Party (Mon) will stand for the coming election with the slogan “Let’s ensure security for fundamental needs of grassroots through the economic growth”. So the economic sector is high on our agenda.
We see culture as another issue that needs attention, as notably, the women, infants and the older persons are feeling the heat of the ongoing cultural degradation of the country.
The deterioration of cultural traditions is followed by the vanishing of the adorable practice of having respect for the seniors, equality for peers, and kindness for juniors. We are now facing the ill consequences of the absence of respect for elders, fairness for peers and compassion for youngsters. Both the parents and the children have started ignoring their old ethics and duties. Tranquillity may become extinct if the loving-kindness is on the wane. Anyhow, a stitch in time saves nine.
As they too are of the human race, women are also desirous of serving the interest of the people and the country like their male counterparts. Gender discrimination is not our option, as we are founded to work for the benefit of the entire nation to a possible degree.

May the 2020 election be enjoyable and agreeable for all! With this, I conclude. Thank you.


It’s a pleasure for me to speak, on behalf of the womenfolk of Ayeyawady Region, at this auspicious time. I am Daw Aye Win, a retired teacher and a candidate of the Women Party (Mon) standing for the Ngaputaw constituency (1) of Ayeyawady Region.
Nowadays, women represent over half of the global population. In many countries, gender equality has yet to be guaranteed until now, while female folks are sharing the family burden or national duty in equal with their male counterparts. As they are the weaker sex, many of them are subject to mistreatment.
We the women have a maternal instinct, but women in many countries and organizations are still losing their fundamental rights.
In this regard, our Women’s Party (Mon) shall guarantee as follows:

— Full human rights for all women;
— Equality in diversity for all women;
— Networks between all the female communities and parties of the world;
— A peaceful, stable and prosperous human society.
Gender equality has become a must-do issue as women can also take the responsibility of shaping the world. Our logo bears the picture of the full moon on the blue backdrop. The image of mythical Hintha bird couple is placed inside the full moon representing the power of a mother’s love. May the women protect the peaceful world with mother’s love. Thank you all.

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