Women’s capacities and the new developing democratic nation

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  • Maw Linn
  • Women’s rights are being widely dealt with in our world today with seriousness and care. Undeniably, there are many people who have doubts as to whether such a priority needs to be paid to this matter. It was widely believed that Hilary Clinton’s defeat in competing for nomination as the presidential candidate of the Democratic Party against Barack Obama was because she was a woman. In her 2008 concession speech acknowledging defeat, she disclosed that she had managed to hit the glass-ceiling hard enough for 18 cracks to have remained on the glass, as though referring to scoring 18 million votes in her favor, though she did not win in the election. It means that there are still a lot to be done regarding women’s rights, even in such a country as the United States of America.
    Now in our country, Myanmar as well, concerted efforts are being made to develop and practice respect for women’s rights in the nation. According to the 2010 election results, there was only 4 percent of women’s inclusion in the two Hluttaws. Yet, in the 2015 general election, women’s inclusion in two Hluttaws rose up to 13.7 percent. On a nationwide scale, there were 87 female ward and village administrators out of 16785 in all, across the nation.
    The documentary film named, “Kha-Yaung-Lan-Ah-Lun”—which means “Beyond the Hard and Adventurous Journey.” This documentary film about 5 female ward/village administrators demonstrated their abilities and capabilities.
    There is a fundamental reason why women rights should be developed with seriousness in the country. This is highlighted by the fact that out of the total population of 51.486 million, the population of women reached 26.662 million. Therefore, if we neglect the thoughts and feelings women who constitute half of the total population, it would be tantamount to turning our backs to democracy. As we work for national development, failure to create job opportunities for women means losing the labor and capacities of half of the national population.
    Therefore, we should solemnly believe and exert our efforts to upgrade the capacities of women. By doing this we are in fact revitalizing our country as it marches forward to become a new developed democratic country.
  • (Translated by Khin Maung Oo)
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