Women’s Entrepreneurship Development Centre to be set up

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Myanmar Women Entrepreneurs’ Association holds its 24th annual general meeting at Sedona Hotel in Yangon. 
Photo: Pwint Thitsar

A Women’s Entrepreneurship Development Center will be set up to make women’s lives better and provide them economic information in real time, said Daw Khin Lay, the chairperson of Myanmar Women Entrepreneurs’ Association (MWEA).
“We will set up a Women’s Entrepreneurship Development Center to improve women’s lives. Sometimes, women want to be engaged in small and medium enterprises. But, they don’t know how to start these businesses. Our association will assist those who want to start such businesses, after consulting the related departmental officials and consultants. Moreover, our association usually provides school fees for children. This year, we will also conduct a training course on the education lifestyle of children. We will also raise awareness among parents with respect to improving their family life,” said Daw Khin Lay.
The Myanmar Women Entrepreneurs’ Association was established with the aim of helping women take up entrepreneurship, and develop the capabilities of women who are confined to their homes.
The association usually conducts seminars to educate mothers and provide knowledge about the micro finance sector. Women from the association, who have achieved success in the economic and social sectors, have already received 32 ASEAN awards.
Currently, the MWEA is providing assistance to those who want to start small and medium enterprises, including helping them secure agricultural loans. The association was formed with more than 2,000 members.—Pwint Thitsar

(Translated by Hay Mar)

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