Wood sculptures business faces difficulties due to lack of raw teak

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Sculptors carving wood at their work place. Photo: Khine Sat Wai

The wood sculptors are facing difficulties due to shortage of raw teak in Amarapura and Chanmyathazi townships in Mandalay Region. Therefore, they worry that their business will disappear in the future, according to wood sculptors.
The forest Law also prohibits more than one ton of teak in each house for the wood sculptures business. The wood sculptures sculptors cannot buy sufficient raw teak from government. Therefore, they are buying raw teak from outside with the high price for the business need.
“We need six tons of teak for making ten 6-feet of ceilings. But we are facing difficulties because we have only one ton of teak in each house. If we exceed more than one tons, the forestry department will seize us. The forestry department seized teak from two houses in this month. When we are buying teak from black market, we have a fear of other strangers will see our teak. Therefore, we worry that our business will disappear in the future if we don’t dare to handle anymore,” said U Aung Zaw Min, a sculptor.
The wood sculptures are used to decorate the hotels, religious buildings and restaurants as trendy mark of Myanmar culture.
There are two types of wood sculptures market: high quality wood sculptures for local market and low quality wood sculptures for Thailand market.


 Khine Sat Wai

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