Work guidelines for Hluttaw representatives


State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi has pointed out that it is correct to say that democracy starts from the Hluttaw.
For the smooth running of the government machinery and stability of the country, laws are enacted in the Hluttaw, and for laws to be enacted, Hluttaw representatives from all over the country coordinate for the entire union. The State Counsellor noted that the Hluttaw includes representatives from various ethnic groups and political parties, and the differences between representatives are recognized and accepted in order to achieve the unity required to maintain the union. The State Counsellor made these statements in order to point out the essence of a democratic system.

The statement of the State Counsellor on democracy noted that the system is not without its faults, but remains the best system that respects all people, which is something all ethnic nationals and the public should bear in mind.
Hluttaw representatives need to take note of the differentiation made by the State Counsellor between those who are focused only on politics and those who work for the good of the country. The State Counsellor pointed out that those who play politics are only concerned about the next election, while those who are in the political arena for the good of the country consider the next election as a voice of support for their work for the next generation.
Responsible officials from the judicial, legislative and administrative sectors need to ensure that no one is doing anything wrong, in a spirit of comradeship that is based upon trust, said the State Counsellor. All who serve the country need to bear in mind this point and carry it out in daily practice.
With regards to the words “opposition” and “opposition party,” the State Counsellor pointed out that, “The Opposition sometimes helps for the sake of the country. Sometimes, they cooperate. Sometimes, they point out. Sometimes they criticize, when criticism is due. An opposition should not be considered as the enemy. Unity needs to be built on diversity.” The State Counsellor added that all Hluttaw representatives, including the Tatmadaw representatives, need to cooperate and work together in the spirit of being of the same nationality, which is one of the main points of the democratic transition and national reconciliation. In conclusion, all Hluttaw representatives should bear in mind the words of the State Counsellor. “In marching towards the Federal Democratic Republic that all yearn for, Hluttaw representatives should be at the forefront when needed. If they need to, they should also be at the back to cover the rear. If they need to, they should also be at the side to cover the flanks” as a work guideline.

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