Work together to strengthen rule of law

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  • Myanmar is going through a critical period of transition and is facing challenges in the justice sector.
    The judiciary system and the courts must be strong and reliable for justice to prevail. The public trust in people who are working in the justice sector has eroded. It is because of corruption, exercising the law for their own interests, failing the principle of upholding justice without favour, not performing their work efficiently and lacking expertise. These are the main challenges in the justice sector that our country must prioritise.
    By giving top priority to rebuild and reform the rule of law and justice sector, Myanmar is making efforts towards sustaining peace and development.
    In the judiciary sector, systematic reforms for the judiciary sector are being carried out and not only judges, judiciary officers and those who are participating in the judiciary but also partners and media also play an important role in carrying out the reforms.
    It is important for all in the judicial, legislative and administrative sectors to conduct their duties as comrades for the good of the country. When there are some problems and misunderstanding between one another, they should smooth things up so that they can effectively work for the country.
    The Union Attorney-General’s Office is preparing to publish the Fair Trial Guidance Manual. We believe that if this is observed in the prosecution of criminal cases, public confidence in the judicial system will improve and these standards can highly support the rule of law and the justice sector.
    A court must establish judicial freedom by example and commit itself to responsibility and transparency as outlined in Myanmar’s judicial ethics handbook.
    The public trust is served when courts resolve cases according to the law without corruption.
    The second strategic plan for the Myanmar judiciary sector has adopted the motto: “Towards improving Justice for All.”
    The civil service personnel in relevant areas should not forget that they are serving the public and to carry out their duties selflessly and with good intentions.
    All need to work together. No group is against another group for the sake of the country. We must cooperate with anyone for the sake of the country.
    Rule of law and justice affairs are essential for a peaceful coexistence and development of Myanmar and our people.
    All government institutions must work honestly and correctly.
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