Workers left unemployed by factories entitled to social security benefits by 2012 Social Security Law

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The consequences of the global Coronavirus pandemic have forced some CMP (Cut-Make-Pack) garment factories with large numbers of labourers, as well as hotel and tourism businesses and other SMEs, to lay off employees, reduce working hours or even shut down.
Those workers who continue to be employed by factories, which are registered in accordance with the 2012 Social Security Law, are entitled to enjoy their social security benefits.
The law guarantees that unemployed workers receive medical care benefits, including costs of medicines and travel allowances, for one year from the day they lost their jobs. The day they can take advantage of the benefits takes effect on 20 March, 2020, according to the announcement of the Labour Department.
Also, in attempts to reduce the negative repercussions from the outbreak, the government has extended the duration for contributing social security fees for employers and employees to three months after the set date, instead of 15 days.
After evaluating the impact of the pandemic on the country’s businesses, the government has also reduced tax and interest rates so that people will not suffer, and to help in preventing unemployment, to continue operating factories and to have the smallest impact on the nation’s economy.
Loans with minimum interest rates and tax exemption plans will be arranged for the most vulnerable businesses in the CMP sector, along with hotels, tourism and SMEs who have been harmed by the COVID-19 outbreak. Additionally, the two per cent advance tax on export items will be exempted until the end of this financial year.
The workers in the CMP and SME sectors understand that this is a nationwide concern and global crisis, and we all have to prepare for the worst.
Still, there is no confirmed case in our country, and if the COVID 19 situation, impacting the nation’s health, economic and social conditions, is handled well, our country can overcome the crisis.
Myanmar survived many hardships through collaborative efforts between the government and the people.
Again, we are confident that the people are the key to preventing and controlling the disease, and all are urged to strictly follow instructions issued by the health authorities.

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