Workplaces need sympathized participants but essential ones


The workplace is a family of employers and employees, overseers and labours, officers and staff members as well as bosses and workers. There are many workplaces in respective ministries or businesses across the nation. These are separate societies within human society.
Such societies are similar to units of living creatures. Each workplace can do nothing for any movement but the human society combined with small workplaces dubbed as families can operate something to meet the target. Each workplace has lesser strength but they combined with all workplaces would be powerful for doing anything.
Actually, each workplace is formed with individual workers or staff members led by officers or bosses. Each workplace can be driven by the strength of individual workers or staff members. Each of the participants plays a minor role in the workplace but the combined strength of all individuals become powerful.

Consequently, the workplace can be driven by the powerful strength of workers based on happiness. If so, society will develop with pleasant and prosperous.

In this regard, individual workers or staff members are the most basic ones in respective workplaces. Their participation in society is of importance to operating the workplaces. Those individuals are very important in the workplace but they are not essential.
If one of them is absent, its position will be filled with a new one in operating the workplaces. Hence, they should consider that they are not essential for operating the workplaces. But, they must keep a concept in mind that they must work compulsorily without fail. So, anybody should not take pride in their role in the workplace.
Every workplace does not have essential persons but those persons need to work without fail. It is because, if a worker is absent in the workplace, remaining persons will serve an extra duty for such worker in addition to existing assigned ones. That is why every worker should take care of the workplace unity not to be ruined. Several problems in the absence of anyone may be a spark in society.
Workplace participants should culture the sympathy among them not to transfer their burdens to others. The satisfaction based on sympathy among the workers can create a happy and pleasant society. Consequently, the workplace can be driven by the powerful strength of workers based on happiness. If so, society will develop with pleasant and prosperous.

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