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Nations around the world have been standing tall as independent sovereign states, with their own nation, own nationals, own government and with their own laws prescribed.
Throughout human history, many diverse races have formed their own societies that are suitable to their social lives. They have set up their own administrative power or state power to tackle complex social problems, such as those dealing with food, clothing, shelter, and so on. In this regard, the state power that they created is to shape the destiny of their own society.
At present time, some superpowers using their military might can no longer manipulate or interfere in the affairs of other smaller countries. And yet, we see their attempts of interference in small nations by representing global organizations on the pretext of human rights. This can be especially seen in a small country like Myanmar.
Every country tends to have its own problems that may be small or big, and some would be based on diverse views or different political backgrounds. Interference in these matters can be assumed as an act of dishonesty intended to hamper internal peace, national reconciliation, democratization process, development, and even harm Myanmar’s sovereignty.
Their efforts to take action on Myanmar is unreasonable and their objective is to undermine Myanmar Government’s commitment and efforts in dealing with the problems. The decision they took was based on false accusations and are unacceptable.
Myanmar has pledged to carry out the implementation tasks to the fullest extent, within the shortest timeframe possible, and in consonant with the situation on the ground. Moreover, there is a bilateral cooperation between the Government of Myanmar and the Bangladesh Government to assist in the speedy, efficient resettlement and rehabilitation of the returnees.
The Government has also formed the Independent Commission of Enquiry regarding the accusations of human rights violations, and efforts are being made to take legal action against those who break the law. In fact, it has been said many times that the real violators of human rights are the ARSA terrorists.
The Government has time and again reiterated its principled position of promoting and implementing the rule of law, justice and accountability. Thus, any groundless accusations made by any organizations would not be accepted, and inappropriate decisions, lacking fundamental principles of legality, would be nonetheless turned down.

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