Would you sacrifice yourself or someone else?

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[dropcap font=”0″]S[/dropcap]acrifice is a word with two different meanings, with one being positive and the other negative. The first meaning of sacrifice is to give up something that is important or valuable to one in order to get or do something that seems more important for oneself or for another person. Another meaning of sacrifice is to kill an animal or a person and offer it or them to a god in order to please the god. If one sacrifices oneself for something, it means positive, but when one sacrifices someone or something for one’s own interests or to please someone, it means negative. Therefore, as long as one cannot give up oneself for the interests of a society, one is exploiting others, those who have actually sacrificed for the public interests. Even when one is praising others who devoted their lives for society, one may still be sacrificing others to serve one’s own purpose. In history, when powerful people sacrificed others in a society, the society had to suffer enormously, but when powerful people in a society sacrificed themselves for the society, the society as a whole could enjoy peace and prosperity later. It can be said that every society needs powerful people who sacrifice themselves rather than those who sacrifice others.

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