Wuhan virus: Surveillance, awareness campaigns beefed up in border towns

Officials undertaking an awareness campaign against Coronavirus in Manhero, Muse district on 25 January.  Photo: Sandar (IPRD)
Officials undertaking an awareness campaign against Coronavirus in Manhero, Muse district on 25 January.  Photo: Sandar (IPRD)

On account of the number of coronavirus cases and related deaths rising in neighboring China, the health authorities in border towns have beefed up surveillance at the border gate with China with the help of thermal scan equipment.
Health staff from the Muse Township Health Department are conducting surveillance by scanning travellers entering Myanmar from China from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. everyday.
According to reports from China, 11 people in Yunnan Province, which neighbors Myanmar, have reported coronavirus infections. However, there has been no incidence of infections in neighboring towns in Myanmar so far. Following the outbreak of infections in Yunnan Province, the number of travellers from Myanmar to China through the border gates has dropped significantly. Meanwhile, with higher demand for masks in Muse and other border towns to prevent the virus, the towns are facing a shortage of masks.

According to reports, some people from China’s border towns have entered Myanmar and bought masks in Muse, Namkham, Panhsai (Kyugok), and Monekoe.
Due to shortage of masks in Monekoe, sellers from the town are taking the masks from Muse, said Daw Ai Mong, a seller in Monekoe.
Meanwhile, due to high demand for masks in Muse, sellers from the town have ordered equipment from Mandalay and Yangon.
Traffic police in Muse distributed 500 masks to travelers yesterday in Muse, as part of efforts for raising awareness against coronavirus infections.
Local authorities in another border town, Manhero, are undertaking an awareness campaign against Coronavirus in Muse district of northern Shan State beginning 25 January.
Coronavirus can cause pneumonia, and it was first reported in the central Chinese city of Wuhan.
The medical team and officials in Manhero are distributing face masks at the border gate between the two countries and disseminating knowledge on the prevention of this disease.
At the border village in China near Manhero, visitors and locals have been restricted access to parks, museums, and shops as the festivals were suspended yesterday. — Salai Van Roh Htan(Translated by Kyaw Zin Lin)

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