Wuntharnu Democratic Party presents its policy, stance and work programmes

Wontharnu Democratic Party Vice-Chairman U Aung Kyi Myaing presented party’s policy, stance and work programmes through radio and TV on 12 September.

Greetings to esteemed people
I am the Vice-Chairman of Wontharnu Democratic Party, U Aung Kyi Myaing. Our party was formed when we applied to the Union Election Commission on 9-4-2010 and received registration on 27 May 2010. Our party number is 22. We are based in Mandalay, and we will protect the integrity of the na-tion.
Our party’s objective is peace, unity, national reconciliation, and genuine democracy. We will be partic-ipating in the coming 2020 election for the benefit of the nation and its people. We will respect the decisions of the voters because the strength to bring benefits to the country and the people lies within the voters, and that is the belief of the Wontharnu Democratic Party.
I would like to explain the symbol and flag of our party. The red background represents courage and decisiveness. The white star on the right is our party’s light. In the white circle in the middle is a green peacock coloured with red and blue represents honesty, courage, freedom, unity and fairness. The pea-cock has 14 tail feathers representing the 14 states and regions that are united.
I will now explain our policy and stance for the nation and the people. We aim for better national reconciliation, genuine multiparty democracy system and building a modern developed nation.
Firstly, our view on the national economy and benefit is that there needs to be a free and fair market economy system with successful SMEs growing into international businesses. We will work hard to de-velop human resource so that citizens can create their employment opportunities through short and long term projects. We will improve the wages and rights of the labourers as well.

Our stance on civil servants:
-Receiving the rights of civil servants and social integrity.
-Receiving improved wages related to the region
-Receiving security after retirement

Our stance on public affairs:
-Accepting the rights of the Constitution and existing laws
-Opening a Hluttaw representative office to listen to public challenges and issues and offering assistance both within and outside the Hluttaw.
-Prioritizing ‘no one is above the law’ in this regard

Our stance on education:
-Education and physical education must be taught in tandem and ensuring national education catches up with regard to international education.
-Implementing a student-centred education system that promotes critical thinking.
-Opening training schools that meet international standards and provides extracurricular education and vocational training in order to develop national human resource

Our stance on healthcare:
-Free healthcare across the nation, including rural areas.
-Having sufficient supply of medicine, modern treatment methods, adequate equipment and trained professionals.
We will develop sports, and physical education in line with the motto ‘public health begins from the school’.

Let me continue on rural development:
-We will ensure rural development is not behind urban areas in infrastructure, education, healthcare and electricity.

Our stance on farmers:
-We are a nation based on agriculture, so we will ensure agricultural expenses and other requirements of all farmers and cultivators are fulfilled.
-Improving a crop market that guarantees agricultural produce
Our stance on youths and the younger generation is:
-We will cultivate the youths who will be taking over national duties in the future to grow up into educated and well-rounded individuals.

Our stance on women’s affairs:
-We will continue to improve the role of women
-We will get rid of violence against women and ensure they have equal rights with men
-We will provide skilled, and well-rounded female leaders are nurtured

Our stance on the Defence Services:
-We will confirm the Defence Services is the sole military that will shoulder the responsibility of maintaining sovereignty and national security while upholding its the duties.
-We will ensure the Defence Services and the public can genuinely cooperate with trust
Our stance on philanthropic organizations:
They are indispensable components in national development and the lives of people. We will work to develop and upgrade these organizations.

Our stance on internal peace:
-We will work hard for all ethnic armed organizations to sign the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement
-We wish for state and regional governments to be formed with ethnic representatives who will be able to manage their development affairs
In conclusion, we will act in line with the motto, “Nationalists for the benefit of the nation” to implement actual change for the improvements and reforms yet to be made and that is why we wish and urge for you to vote for the Wontharnu Democratic Party.
Thank you.

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