YAC L turns fifth year handing over from YIA

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It has been slightly more than 5 years since the effective operation and management of Yangon International Airport (“YIA”) was transferred from the Department of Civil Aviation (“DCA”) to Yangon Aerodrome Company Limited (“YACL”) pursuant to a Concession Agreement signed on 6th January 2015.
Much has been achieved in this short period with the Yangon International Airport Development Project: New Terminal buildings, Terminal 1 (International) and Terminal 3 (Domestic) with the forthcoming retrofitting of Terminal 2 (International), new Rescue & Fire Fighting Station and considerable increase in aircrafts parking positions. Whilst the physical infrastructure has transformed the landscape, many important changes and improvements in operation, capacity building and resource development have also occurred boosting safety, security and efficiency of YIA.
YIA Terminal 1 (International) was officially opened in March 2016.
In the short term, efforts to ensure sustainability of YIA will be implemented. Proposition for cost cutting measures including furlough or retrenchment with its impact and consequences on YIA’s safety, security and efficiency are considerations that management will not take lightly.
The paramount importance is the well-being of our people and our airport users.
YIA has an important role as the main gateway of Myanmar. In the economic growth of Yangon and Myanmar, YIA serves as the connection hub for investment and growth. The future growth shall be addressed together with the other stakeholders and the public, aiming for a technically, environmentally and economically balanced approach.
The opportunities lie in the future, with preparedness and readiness of changes, YACL is ready to seize and deliver the opportunities. —GNLM

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