Yangon-Cocogyun vessel trip to resume on 9 August


By Nyein Nyein

Joint Secretary U Hla Aung of Yangon Region Transport Authority (YRTA) said Yangon-Cocogyun vessel trip would reopen on 9 August, adding that during this trip over 470 tonnes of electrical supplies would be mainly sent to the Cocogyun Township to implement the electricity programme under the Yangon regional government plan. “The Yangon regional government plan to light up the whole Yangon Region is an important project.
This project includes Cocogyun Township. We have assigned YRTA to run vessels to Cocogyun. We are preparing for the trip because Yangon regional government has instructed us to transport the electrical supplies to Cocogyun. It depends on the weather conditions to know how many tonnes of the materials can be carried on board. This time, we have to transport over 470 tonnes of electrical supplies, including lamp posts. So, we will hire MV Charites ships instead. Then, we will run on 9 August,” he stressed.
Although YRTA operated Yangon-Cocogyun ferry service at the spending of K20 million previously, YRTA will now spend K35 million to run MV Charites ships. The operation of MV Charites ships will cost K 35 million, and this cost will be incurred by Yangon Electricity Supply Corporation (YESC) and YRTA, he said. YRTA has operated Yangon-Cocogyun ferry service to provide transport to the local people and the government staff assigned there. YRTA has run two times the Yangon-Cocogyun vessel trip on 21 January and 7 March. Its Yangon-Cocogyun vessel trip was suspended beginning from April when the viral disease started to break out. (Translated by Hay Mar)

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