Yangon dump fire site set to receive trash again

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Firefighters extinguish a fire at the Hteinpin dump site in Hlinethaya Township on 26 April 2018. Photo : Phoe Khwar

The Hteinpin dump site in Hlinethaya Township, Yangon Region, which was engulfed by fire in 2018, is preparing to receive trash again, said Dr Aung Myint Maw, the deputy head of the Yangon City Development Committee’s Pollution Control and Cleansing Department.
“In order to dump trash at the site again, 80 acres of land was divided into four zones. Rocks and broken bricks will be laid in those areas,” he said.
“The trash will be disposed in those areas in the current rainy season. Of the 150 acres of dumpsite burnt by the fire, 20 acres each have been designated as zone A, B, C and D. Zone A has been divided into two parts — A1a and A1b, and trash will be dumped in Zone A this year and next year. The trash will be disposed only after bricks and broken bricks are laid on the land,” said Dr Aung Myint Maw.
In addition, Myanmar’s government, in cooperation with the Poland government, is planning to generate biogas by using 1,000 tons of trash per day, according to the YCDC.
The Hteinpin dump fire started on 21 April, 2018, and the trash site burnt for days. The fire spread to more than 100 acres of the 300-acre site.

By Nyein Nyein  (Translated by EMM)

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