Existing bus-lines plying in Yangon to be replaced with new bus-lines

Passengers gather at a bus stop to take BRT bus in downtown Yangon.

All the bus lines plying in the city of Yangon will be abolished with effect from January 16, 2017, to be replaced with newly changed 58 bus lines, according to the Yangon Region Cabinet.
“To reduce the traffic jam facing presently in Yangon and to make bus lines systematically formed, the new arrangement was said to have been made,” said U Phyo Min Thein, Yangon Region Cabinet’s Chief Minister in a press conference held at the Office of Yangon Region Cabinet yesterday.
He added, “Our government is changing into a new system. Starting from January 16, bus lines plying presently will be liquidated and substituted by new bus lines. Later, the system of public-owned bus lines in which the government itself will partially be stakeholders, will be changed.
There are 20 companies in all, which applied to the Yangon Region Transport Supervision Board to allow them to run in Yangon. It is learnt that by the end of 2017, public-owned bus lines that the Yangon Region government itself will invest their shares will be introduced.
It is said that the existing All Bus Line Control Committee controlling more than 300 bus lines will cease to exist as of January 16.
The said 58 bus lines which will commence their operations starting from January 16 will be supervised by Yangon Region Transport Supervision Board which will review the situations of the operations quarterly, it is said.
Under the new system, bus fare will be collected according to the phase of the journey ranging from K 100, K 200 & K300, and for the convenience of passengers signboards will be posted at bus stops. In addition, assistant helpers will be stationed at bus stops, it is learnt.
Daw Ni Lar Kyaw, minister for electricity, industry and transport, Yangon Region Cabinet said, “Now, there are many bus lines on the same route. So bus lines on the same routes will be combined into one. This had been made in consultation with experts and professionals.”
To manage the system, arrangements are required to be submitted to the Yangon Region Transport Supervision Board starting from 7 January.
Naw Pan Thinzar Myo, minister for Kayin ethnic affairs said that Buses plying in the city will be made to run every five minutes and to be connected with bus lines coming from suburban areas.
Dyna and BM buses will be no longer allowed to ply, it is said.
Presently over 2000,000 people are depending on bus lines in Yangon where 6 million people are residing.
On February 7, 2016 the first-ever BRT buses were made to run in Yangon as a private-owned company for the convenience of the people.


Ko Moe

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